Britain occupied insect kanibaly

Britain is in shock from the invasion of Asian ladybugs cannibals. Extremely voracious insects lack of food began to attack their fellows.

Some species of British ladybirds already on the brink of extinction because of the invasion of one species of Asian ladybugs, so-called "Harlequin" (Harmonia volatile, Harmonia axyridis).

Suffering people — insects occupied a niche cockroaches massively selyas wintering in homes. The "harlequin" perfectly coexists with other types of bugs in their habitats in north-east Asia.

Because the ladybug with extraordinary greed consumes aphids and other pests, it decided to get to North America and Europe. This rash decision turned disaster. After eating all that you can, without fear of enemies, hungry guests jumped on their local counterparts and other beneficial insects.

In the UK, "Harlequin" was first seen in the county of Essex in 2004 and has since spread throughout the country. Even then, experts have begun to sound the alarm.

"The speed of propagation exceeds all reasonable limits" — said the representative of the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Helen Roy.

While scientists rely on parasites, laying eggs in normal ladybirds, perhaps they will be able to adapt to new donors. In addition, there is a project Harlequins mite infestation, which is transmitted through sexual contact and makes female ladybirds infertile.

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