Carbon dioxide moves from the northern hemisphere to the southern — scientists

Carbon dioxide moves from the northern hemisphere to the southern - scientistsCarbon dioxide is produced in the northern hemisphere, in large numbers in the South flows. This is the conclusion reached by scientists Japanese Research Institute of the National Institute of Meteorology and Environment, said the Japanese newspaper "Mainichi".

For five years, together with the Japanese airline JAL scientists measured the concentration of carbon dioxide at an altitude of 12 kilometers above the earth's surface, to install special equipment to fifteen hundred aircraft was traveling across the equator.

The researchers concluded that from April to September, the concentration of CO2 reaches south of the equator in the Northern Hemisphere. Given that about 95% of all carbon dioxide emissions account for northern hemisphere, scientists have concluded that in the southern hemisphere from the North flows of about 700 million tons of carbon dioxide, which is much more than the volume of its emissions south of the equator.

Scientists believe that it is necessary to review the measures to combat greenhouse gases, which have so far been primarily designed for use in the Northern Hemisphere. The observed shift of carbon dioxide in the southern hemisphere requires global action, scientists say.

All mankind produces 7.2 billion tons of CO2, of which 3.2 billion is absorbed by the world's flora. The remaining 4 million tons remain in the atmosphere.

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