Dozens dead after an hour of rain in China

In the mountainous north-west part of China due to heavy rains and Gradova "attack", which lasted only one hour from five to six in the evening May 12, 2012, killing 37 people on the list of missing numbers 19 people. Another 40 people were hospitalized. The worst affected district is Minsyan Gansu Province, with a total number of victims is 358 thousand people, many of the regional roads destination is not functioning, destroyed hundreds of homes, hospitals and schools, destroyed more than 7,000 hectares of crops.

A local resident holds a handful of heavy hail.

A resident of Gansu province is at its own destruction by hail and rain at home.
To help themselves in water and mud trapped people sent 800 soldiers and about two thousand employees and rescue services. The division of the Red Cross delivered in Minsyan needed tents and blankets, and the government has allocated about 317,000 U.S. dollars for the reconstruction units to control the level of water through water supplies and food to the victims.

Rescuers help villagers evacuate Gumen.
Immediately after a brief but fatal danger level rainfall in the region was reduced from 4 to 3 points. In most areas of flooded and washed rainfall per hour reached 70 mm. Hail and rain resulted in the malfunction of power supply in six cities. According to forecasts, weather can linger in 450000th Minsyane all weekend.

Soldiers clearing the area from dirt, brought flooding to the city Chabua.

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