Epidemic of rabies among rabbits are trying to prevent in Bangkok

Sanitary Service of Thailand started operation on Sunday to identify domestic rabbits infected with rabies, said on Sunday in Bangkok Deputy Mayor for Health and Social Affairs, Dr. Malini Sukvetvorakit, whose words are quoted Thai electronic media.

Late last week, in one of the peripheral areas of Bangkok incident: domestic rabbit, purchased last year at a Sunday market and Chatuchak was in the family for over a year, has been infected with rabies. Rabbit attack on family and biting their legs. All injections were bitten by rabies vaccine, and the rabbit was sent to a veterinary hospital, where he died a few days later. Laboratory analysis of the remains of the animal showed that the rabbit was a carrier of rabies, and then he became ill with the disease, fatal to both animals and humans.

"On Sunday, 120 employees of the Medical Service of vaccinations to all pets in the five-kilometer radius of the house, which contained rabbit sick with rabies. We hope that the epidemic can be prevented," — said the deputy mayor in an interview with Bangkok Post.

In another interview, third national television, Dr. Sukvetvorakit said that the city administration as a preventative measure is not going to be limited.

"It is impossible to exclude the fact that this is not a rabbit caught in the community, and is a carrier of rabies, even when he was in the nursery, of which hit the Chatuchak Sunday Market last spring. So today began a large-scale operation to identify animals infected with rabies, the throughout the city. Simultaneously sanitary management specialists keep track of the entire path of the infected rabbit to Chatuchak Market, where it last year bought a family of Chom Thong district, "- she said.

According to the deputy mayor, rabies outbreaks occur regularly in major cities with a large number of stray animals, and Bangkok is no exception.

"More than ten years ago in Bangkok was prevented another large outbreak of rabies among dogs. Then all the home and almost all of the street dogs in the city have been vaccinated, and most also microchips implanted under the skin to always know their location and permanent habitat area" — she said.

Rabies affects all animals with fur. Most cases of the disease, and 90%, accounting for the world statistics on dogs and cats, but in different countries, including Russia and the U.S., there were cases of rabies outbreaks in wild animals, such as, for example, foxes and badgers.

"This is the first known case of rabies in Thailand rabbits," — said in a TV interview Dr. Sukvetvorakit.

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