Intelligence agencies have shown great enthusiasm for the Russian sniper rifle T-5000

Intelligence agencies have shown great interest in the Russian sniper rifle T-5000

Russian special services are showing great enthusiasm for the new sniper rifle ORSIS T-5000 Russian production, after the municipal trial in March of this year, it is likely to be on the armed special forces of the FSB. This was said Alexey Sorokin, who is CEO of GK "Promtekhnologiya" dealing with the creation of small guns.

He said that the Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry are interested in rifle T-5000, located at this time on tests, including the terrain polygons FSB. At the disposal of the FSB are all the reports of these tests and they have an accurate perception of what rifle T-5000 can go into service Russian special services.

According to the CEO, tests the rifle, which will end in March, are currently in the cold, and has not yet appeared snipers issues related to reliability, functionality guns. He added that snipers are satisfied with the performance characteristics guns.
Sorokin said that the dialogue with the Ministry of Internal Affairs lasts more likely, they also give something to the tests.

Speaking about the manifestation of enthusiasm to the rifle abroad, Alexei Sorokin also noted that his company came out with ORSIS T-5000 on the world market. The CEO said that this rifle receives orders from zabugornyh police units. There are also orders from zabugornyh military departments. According to him, this instrument interested in Australia, South Africa, a number of European countries, namely Italy. CIS countries are also showing great enthusiasm, as for special counterterrorism units, as well as for the needs of the army.

Coupled with the fact Sorokin said that all the samples to introduce to the Russian army rifles are locked until the Ministry of Defence. He said that the Defense Ministry has a specific position. The private tenders at their exact specifications prescribed rifle "Mannlicher SSG 08", and when they are put on the characteristics of the tender conditions (up to mm Mannlicher-length, weight, up to a gram), it is unrealistic to contend with such things. He added that this position of the Ministry of Defense, may be related to lobbying of a certain product, which deprives those Russian manufacturer the ability to participate in bona fide competitions.

Together with the fact, according to the director general, the results of comparative tests which were conducted Defense Ministry showed that the rifle ORSIS T-5000 skirmish in all Mannlicher-person shooting practice, well, from the standpoint of functionality T-5000 more armed.

He did not rule out that the Russian military re interested in Russian rifle after Dmitry Rogozin became responsible for the defense industry. Sorokin summed up by saying that rifle T-5000 Mannlicher cheaper by half, it more precisely, it is the creation in Russia.

Brand new sniper rifle ORSIS T-5000 is designed for small-arms factory GC "Promtekhnologiya." It is the sniper tool is a fundamentally new and suitable to all modern requirements and, according to the manufacturer, having no analogues zabugornyh. Available properties rifle give her a chance to hit the target in all weather criteria and at any time of day without technical training and preparation without zeroing up to 1.5 km. Issue sniper rifle T-5000 is a 2-Caliber: 338 Lapua Magnum and 308 Winchester. The rifle is designed for the specialized and counterterrorism units.

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