Living module RDM — collect 20 minutes to live 10 years!

Living the RDM

If your house will be destroyed in a disaster, you do not want to live in a tent. Rapid Deployment Module (RDM) can be assembled in 20 minutes without any tools, and will stand for at least 10 years.

Organize housing for victims of natural disasters is not always easy — look at the shortage of houses in Haiti, even years after the famous earthquake in that country. Tents can not be a long-term solution, and trailers are too thick and difficult to move.

A startup company called "Visible Good"Has developed a shelter, which occupies an intermediate position between the tent and the trailer: it is easy (no item weighs more than eight pounds) requires 25 minutes to install without any special training, can take shape, and is completely modular. RDM are already on the way to deployment — the military chose the company «Visible Good» through a grant program for the development of refuge from extreme weather, and the company has sold 26 units «British Petroleum» within the framework of the second phase of the cleanup of the oil spill in the Mexican zalive.2RDM more like a trailer, than a tent, and has a number of properties characteristic of a fundamental property — good thermal insulation, solid walls, windows, lockable doors. But he also has the ability to rise above the surface to avoid flooding the lungs and small pests, and its walls are made of very durable plastic. For its assembly does not require any tools, and modular base 3 to 4.5 meters can be connected to other blocks — such as a shower or toilet. "They work as designers Lego», says co-founder of the company «Visible Good» Tina Newman.

Living the RDM

Refuge from the «Visible Good» can stand from 10 to 20 years, except for the roof to be changed approximately every three to five let.3V company is currently working with the U.S. military over asylum extreme version that can withstand the conditions in Antarctica and deserts. According to the director, John Rossi, "The demands of war are extremely specific and very aggressive." But the ultimate goal of a military grant is a product that can be used only within its own system — they aim to create a module that can be used everywhere.

RDM basic shelter costs 15 thousand dollars. This may seem like a big number, but Rossi points out that the trailers and tents are often never moved, and the compact nature of the RDM makes it ideal for long-term use. Plus, you can put 10 units in 8-meter container that allows you to save a very significant money on transportation.

Living the RDM

In the next 2-2.5 years «Visible Good» to launch on the market a recreational version of the RDM, and then start production of a luxury high-end module, made of teak dereva.4Rossi says: "Ideally, we want to become a well-known company for at least in their field. If people are in need of temporary shelter, we want to be the first of whom they think. We want to be known for our design, our innovative approach to things, our ability to adapt, flexibility and willingness to listen to the market. "