NATO countries should again move to increase spending on defense — Rasmussen

NATO countries should again move to increase spending on defense - RasmussenCountries NATO do not have to reduce their military budgets and again move to build the amount of defense spending. This was the main idea of this speech NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen at the final here the 58th session of the Parliamentary Assembly NATO.

"Defence spending reduced in all countries of the alliance. We need economic recovery. And based on this, we need to restore in defense spending," — he singled out. According to Rasmussen, first you need to "finish the cuts," and then proceed to increase allocations for defense purposes. "Freedom does not come free. And though any decision taken in order to make better our economy, not to plunge us into a crisis of another kind — a security crisis," — he said.

As the main circumstances that should encourage the governments of NATO to increase defense spending, he referred to the policy of Russia and China in this field. "By 2015, China will eclipse on military spending eight major European members NATO combined. And our homeland expects to double its own defense budget from 3 percent to 6 percent of GDP over the next 10 years "- said the head of the alliance.

According to Rasmussen, compared with 2009, total expenses of NATO on defense in 2011 fell by 56 billion dollars. Only six members of the European NATO in 2011 to increment their military budgets, but their growth was insignificant.

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