One third of shark species are threatened with extinction

One third of shark species are threatened with extinctionAlmost a third of all shark species are threatened with extinction, while the main leaders of the country to lay their catch measures to preserve their numbers, said Thursday environmental program TRAFFIC.
"A decade after the adoption of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization of the international plan to conserve sharks about 30% of all shark species are threatened with extinction. This indicates that the plan has yet to be done, "- said the international conservation organization.

This conclusion was made after the research organization of the twenty largest catch of sharks States miners and measures to preserve the number of fish that countries have made in 2001.

"According to the study, only 13 out of 20 countries have developed national plans to protect sharks (one of the main recommendations of the 2001), but it is unclear how these plans are implemented and how they are to be effective," — said TRAFFIC.

Twenty top earners annual catches of more than 640 thousand tons of sharks, which represents almost 80% of the world catch. The top ten are Indonesia, India, Spain, Taiwan, Argentina, Mexico, Pakistan, the U.S., Japan and Malaysia.

Every year the world caught about 73 million sharks, and in food are mainly fins, of which boiled soup is a popular dish in many East Asian countries, according to TRAFFIC.

The study was conducted on the eve of the meeting of the Committee on Fisheries of the UN Food and Agriculture, which will be held from 31 January to 4 February in Rome.

Program TRAFFIC (Trade Records Analisis of Flora and Fauna in Commerce) was established in 1976 to better support the information activities of the United Nations Convention on International Trade in Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, Endangered Species (CITES)

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