Sea-based strategic missile Liner, tests completed

Sea-based strategic missile "Liner", were completedIn the near future there is too high a number of disputes regarding the future of the Russian rocket. Supporters of the concept of "all is lost" cite poor launches missile R-30 "Bulava", while their opponents are reminded that at least some more or less complicated project would not work immediately, and because you have to. More advanced amateur rocketry knows of the existence of the RS-24 "Yars" and its acceptance into service. But on yet another new project — R29RMU2.1 "Liner" — to nedavneshnih then knew only the "chosen".

We can not say exactly why information about this missile has not received tribute to the spread, but the premise seems to be the standard: the developer (GRC Miassky them. Makeev) and the customer (the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation) did not apply for the work began. Especially since the "Liner" — all the same upgrade existing standard R-29RMU2 "Blue," and "Bulava", of which there were so many discussions, absolutely new project.

For the first time the general public about the "Liner", it became clear at the end of May this year. May 20 submarine "Yekaterinburg" (Northern Fleet), while in the Barents Sea, conducted the first launch of the newest missiles at targets on the ground "Kura" (Kamchatka). "Liner" successfully reached the polygon and hit all the learning objectives. The launch was considered successful, though most likely needed and some refinement. Anyway, it is at all tests.
Most recently, on September 29 another "Liner" has gone into its own flight from the boat "Tula" as the Northern Fleet. Shooting were, as usual, on academic pursuits in the Kamchatka range. Second run was also considered successful. In addition, he was part of the municipal trial. According to their results rocket P-29RMU2.1 "Liner" is recommended for mass production and the adoption.

In fact, the adoption by the armament and the start of mass production is scheduled to begin this winter. The first "liner" to get to the Northern Fleet.

Like "The blue", "liner" will be installed on submarines 667BDRM "Dolphin". At this point, the boat of the project are the foundation of missile-carrying submarine fleet: the last boat project 667BDR "Squid" is already being phased out, and the project 955 "Borey" has not yet entered into service.

So Makar, the Navy needs a rocket that is compatible with the "old" family of 667 boats, but for all that it is to-date.
To this end, in 2009, SRC them. Makeev started construction work on the improvement of ballistic missiles, "The blue". P-29RMU2.1 retained from the predecessor weight and sizes: length approx. 15 meters, a diameter of 1.9 and weight a little more than 40 tons. The design is also a three-stage. The power plant, as well as on "Blue," is working on the watery fuel, but the engines are developing huge thrust, if the rocket predecessor.

Range, depending on the selected load ranges from 8300 to 11000 km. The degree of harmonization of missiles exactly unknown, but it can be assumed that this figure exceeds at least 70-80%.

It should be remembered that almost all of the available information on the "liner" is taken from the official press release, and not so long ago published the book "Sea strategic missile systems." This guide was released a few weeks back SRC them. Makeev, and the "revolution" came through the Forum participant VIF2NE Alexander Stukalina. Other official sources yet, but it's a temporary problem.

Anyway, in the book of SRC them. Serbin says is enough to have an idea of what a "liner" and the purpose for which it is needed. In 1-x, the missile is designed to be a promising weapon-carrying submarines. Thanks to the "liner" boat 667BDRM is able to build and solve puzzles posed, at least until the end of the 2020s. During this time the submarine fleet of the Russian Federation will have time to get all the planned "Borei" arming "Bulava". In addition, the beginning of the 30s century must necessarily appear project boats of the last generation.

In-2, brand new rocket, taking into account the planned timing of its operation, and more than is required to have new equipment, and the best "ability" to overcome the enemy's defenses.

Part of the "gifts" that "liner" carries the enemy, now may be different. On the rocket can be mounted new warhead joint development Institute of Thermal Engineering and Research Institute of Technical Physics. It is similar to those already adopted for service as part of "Topol-M, Yars" and available in the "Bulava". This battle block is set to "liner" configuration without any design, but only through the use of specific adapters, cables and the landing platform. Also, with full support of the new unit on-board electronics rocket.

If we talk about the combat load, the book "Sea strategic missile systems," says P-29RMU2.1 can carry warheads small capacity of up to 10 pieces. If it is added to the anti-missile defense equipment of the enemy, then the number of warheads decreases to eight. Blocks of medium power "Liner" is four, with all this complete with blocks them immediately go EW. In addition to loading the warhead similar units can be installed on multiple missile warheads of varying thickness, which also increases the combat potential of the rocket.

So makarom in SRC them. Makeev able to make a missile for submarines sufficient battle power, one hundred percent befitting all treaties on strategic arms.

To operate the missile "Liner" on the sub install a new digital computer complex "Arbat-U2.1." It allows you to perform all the calculations needed for the start-up and operations, taking into account available to download and launch a number of other data.

In general, the "liner", being a deep modernization of the R-29RM, made in the 80's, at least not inferior to zabugornom counterparts, and a number of characteristics and exceeds them.

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