Settlement of Australia elephants and rhinos to help cope with forest fires burning on every green continent

Settlement of Australia elephants and rhinos to help cope with forest fires burning on every green continent

Australian ecologist at the University of Tasmania in Hobart (Australia) offers to settle Australia wild elephants, rhinos and other large mammals in order to save the country from the destructive fires. David Bowman (David Bowman) said that to cope with fires in Australian forest-steppes can only taking drastic decisions.

Ecologist notes that what is happening in the world of climate change makes it even worse fires in the country. Every year the area traversed by the fire, is growing rapidly. Fires cause great damage to farmland ecosystems of Australia. The fire killed both humans and wild animals. Scientists believe that the fires in Australia are caused by the fact that in some broken links in the whole ecosystem.

For example, if you bring into the country and propagate in the wild elephants, it will lead to the fact that these large mammals can kill (ie eating) overgrown grass-bearded man who "came" out of Africa to Australia in 50 years of the last century. The thing is that none of the local animals can not eat stems of this plant. And dry stalks bearded remain intact, and then flare up, instantly spreading fires.

"The idea to introduce elephants into the ecosystem of Australia may seem absurd, but other effective methods of dealing with bearded — the use of herbicides or physical destruction of grass — devastating impact on other flora and fauna. Use of mega-herbivores to this end it may be more practical and economical solution to the problem . should be extremely cautious in the implementation of these measures, watching intently the possible side effects of the introduction of new species. should calculate the maximum number of large herbivores, which can withstand the ecosystem. well suited for this strategy to be used in a game reserve "- says Bowman an article published in the journal Nature.

David Bowman believes that the imported animals can perform the ecological role which belonged exterminated native species. According to him, the initiative is also a social aspect: the indigenous communities can earn their living by hunting large animals imported.

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