Spetsstroy reports: According to the construction of the cosmodrome East no problems

The Director of the Federal Agency for Special Construction Naginsky Gregory said at a news conference Friday in Izhevsk, about the situation with the construction of the cosmodrome "East." "I believe that there is no problems at the spaceport. Only thing that our ability to outpace the ability of system designers. We could run faster, if they were given the design documentation faster," — he said.

Spetsstroy Report: On the construction of the cosmodrome East is no problem

According Naginsky, this year should provide the infrastructure Spetsstroy things related to the steel and auto roads. "Everything is fine, everything is in the schedule," — he said. In addition, this year plans to put into operation the first building industry Spetsstroy and administration building for the Baikonur Space Agency. "

Are already working on 2-main spaceport facilities — at the launch and assembly and test facility. "Today, at the launch complex one hundred percent poured foundation. Currently around all sorts of foundations and pouring recently have come out drawings of the Institute, we will book a metal, they have to do this year and to begin installation of the launch pad," — said Naginsky. On the integration and test complex — the launch site — has made the foundation, made foundations surrounding objects.

According to Director of Special Construction, financing is also no problem. "Financing there was not much worse. When thinking from the standpoint of us as builders, then the federal budget to work very comfortably: concluding the contract, get their 30 to 80% down payment, do the work on time, with good quality and then generally no problems there . With a budget work is interesting, "- he singled out.

Complex "Baikonur"Is the same city and cosmodrome and leased by Russia from Kazakhstan, according to the bilateral agreement, until 2050. Operation spaceport bypassing Russia in about 5 billion rubles year. So Makar, Baikonur considered to be an administrative and territorial unit of Kazakhstan, operating in the criteria of the lease.

This year, the construction of the cosmodrome "East" in the Amur region. In this connection, it is possible that after 2050 she will leave our homeland cosmodrome. According to others, the failure of of rental space center could happen much earlier — after nine years.

At the current time, the town is home to over 70 thousand people, of which 37% — the citizens of the Russian Federation, about 60% — the citizens of Kazakhstan. In addition, virtually constantly at Baikonur are about 4 thousand Russians seconded for start-ups. The federal budget RF in budget Baikonur town once a year translates more than 1 billion rubles, wrote NEWSru.com.

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