UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on the Russian Human Rights

UN Human Rights Council adopted a resolution on the Russian Human RightsMember States of the UN Human Rights Council, other than the United States and the European Union on Thursday voted to Russian draft resolution suggests a link between human rights and the values of the classical world's population, said the press service of the Foreign Ministry.

"The Council of the UN Human Rights absolute majority passed a resolution entitled" Promotion of human rights and main freedoms through a profound understanding of the common values of humanity ", the introduction of Russian Federation. Co-authors of the document were more than 60 states, including collectively — members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League, "- said in a statement on the website of Russian Foreign Ministry.

"The resolution proved the thesis that the awareness of and respect traditional values promotes and protects Human Rights and main freedoms. An important role in the establishment of these values play a family, community and educational institutions. States are encouraged to strengthen this role, "- noted in the department.

According to the views of Moscow, "Emphasizing the link between the classical values and human rights will allow to provide a more complete awareness and recognition Human Rights, will build trust and dialogue at the level of international community. "

Meanwhile, in a diplomatic Office noted that a number of countries, namely the United States and the European Union, voted against the resolution. "The negative attitude of these countries, their unwillingness to work on the text and made-up arguments against the draft resolution regrettable", — the Russian diplomats.

"We believe that no one government or group of countries has no right to monopolize the interpretation of the rules on Human Rights. Samples advance under the guise of a universal standard of his one-sided interpretation of the negative impact on people's attitudes towards the concept of Human Rights, make it an alien societies and groups. On the other hand, the doctrine of Human Rights would benefit if absorb the elements of different cultures. It will be not only a truly common, "- said the Foreign Ministry.

In Russia, convinced "that human rights should be the inventory of association, and the HRC, working in a spirit of partnership, to use vseobyatnye approaches and focus on finding specific solutions to ensure the universality of human rights."

"One solution is to strengthen the awareness of connection between human rights and the values of the classical world's population. With all of this should be taken into account cultural, civilizational, historical and religious societies and states, "- identified in the department.

The Foreign Ministry added that Our homeland "with edinomshlennikami will continue to promote the HRC theme seamless connection of human rights and common moral values."

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