China has completed certification of A-27M

Moscow. January 31. Airports — Interstate Aviation Committee and the aviation authorities of China have signed an agreement to complete validation (recognition of the Russian type certificate) light multipurpose aircraft A-27M development Samara Ltd. "Aircraft Corporation" Avantage "informed" AviaPort "said deputy general director of marketing Vladimir Zykov. He said the plane A-27M has been certified by the Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee in 2008 and that same year received with a certificate of noise on the ground. The problem in China was to confirm previously obtained characteristics and indicators and their compliance with the airworthiness requirements of

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U.S. gave Serbia 17 armored Humvee

U.S. Department of Defense has transferred War Department Serbia 17 armored HMMWV, reports Jane's. These machines were delivered to the U.S. side as a gift on account of military aid in the amount of 2.9 million dollars, of which the agreement was reached in August 2011 between the Ministers of Defence Serbia and U.S..

In total, over the past couple of years, the U.S. agreed to provide Serbia military help for a total of 4.9 million dollars. In addition to the set on September 10 machines Serb military department should get four more cars. What other types of military equipment

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Lithuanian Foreign Minister: We are willing to maintain a dialogue with Belarus

Society Lithuanian Foreign Ministry commented on the Belarusian side of attempts military pressure on Belarus, including with the use of the OSCE.

"Since zastuplennya to chair the OSCE in January 2011, Lithuania joined the intensive dialogue with Belarus. Vienna, Vilnius and Minsk OSCE chairman of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the media is constantly invited Belarus to deepen dialogue and cooperation and to remain open to it, "- said in a department press BelaPAN Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry noted that the value the

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U.S. gave Lebanon 200 armored vehicles

U.S. Department of Defense has transferred Lebanon 200 armored M113, reports Jane's. Machines have been supplied free of charge and the country arrived at the port of Beirut Jan. 6, 2012. Despite the fact that all armored vehicles are fully operational, they will average repair on one of the Lebanese companies. Further details regarding this delivery is not specified.

In the second half of 2012, the U.S. had Lebanon military aid for a total of 140.37 million dollars. This amount comes to delivery of 6 new multipurpose helicopter UH-1H Huey II, spare parts and a simulator, as the construction of

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China holds an expensive blow

«China Takes An Expensive Hit» — an editorial in the publication «Strategy Page», USA, on 11.10.2011

Sales of Russian jet aircraft engines AL-31 in China will exceed one thousand units thanks to several new orders in 2011. All this is due to the fact that China is seeking to expand its fleet of modern jet fighters (model J-10 and J-11). He also wants the pilots climbed into the air as often as possible to develop and maintain their combat skills. But the engines of long work wear quickly. Oh, and one more reason for new orders from Russia are

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The unprecedented earthquake — An hour that shook Japan to watch online

documentary film about the terrible earthquake in Japan's history, more than 9 points. You might even say, one of the worst in history. Thanks to ..

Cataclysms of earth from space hazards

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It was in the States for the first time to seriously explore the UFO. Starting from June 1947, when pilot Kenneth Arnold saw nine of the Cascade Mountains of "flying saucers", began the study of the phenomenon. Under the cover of secrecy. Using data and army forces.

Everywhere INFORMATION sightings flocked to the air base Wright Patterson, where under the CIA and eminent scientists perform research. This was the "Blue Book".

In 1952, over Washington was a whole series of objects. UFO groups of different compositions were seven times over

American capital and made it fly

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The apartment Sannikov and Khalip KGB conducted the third search

Society The apartment journalist Irina Khalip raided. Along with whom will judge activist Sergei Staff Statkievich Martseleva? Activist of the "Young Front" Nikolai Demidenko remained syaden in Akrestsin day.

April 8 in the apartment of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and journalist Rockets KGB conducted another search. This is Liberty's mother told journalists Lucyna Belzatskaya.

"How many times are they here already, what else can you find? According to our calculations, this is the third search only the KGB, and another was a police. Less than an hour they were looking for something, says Irina. But I was not

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United States will increase the efficiency of lasers

Northrop Grumman Corporation wants to consolidate its steady progress in the area of Laser technologies of implementation programs from the Ministry of Defense Robust Electric Laser Initiative (RELI), which is seen as the first step in developing a more efficient, compact and light systems.

According to the Defence Talk, missile defense command center of the U.S. Army in the town of Huntsville (Alabama pcs) made with Northrop Grumman the original contract in the amount of 8.8 million dollars. for a period of 2 years with the right of substitution to another five-year agreement worth is 53.3 million.

The program RELI

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China has chosen the quality of Rosatom


Today in force general contract for the construction of two units of Tianwan NPP in China. This was the outcome of the meeting held in Moscow on the Russian-Chinese subcommittee on nuclear issues, where they signed the relevant protocol. Thus, another important step in the development of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.

The event was a milestone not only for the "atomic scientists." The signing of the agreement as a whole is of great foreign policy importance. In fact, China has chosen Russia as the most reliable partner for the implementation of joint

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