The history of the Russian show business watch online

Tears for Fears-known musician and a young, professional actor and journalist Boris Korchevnikov to tell you about the history of Russian show business. It can be assumed that the formation of show business in this country began in the distant 1987, when at the time of the restructuring has already begun to lift "iron curtain", opening the Russian citizens to the world of Western music and transforming the Soviet stage.

The project consists of 20 issues, each of which is responsible for about one year, taken separately, and the developments that have occurred in this time on

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Analysis of the climate of the Northern Hemisphere in 2004




The average annual temperature of the northern hemisphere was 16.6 °, and up to 0.1 ° it is the same as in 1998, 2002 and 2003., Which is considered to be the warmest. The average annual air temperature of the Northern Hemisphere, reaching the absolute maximum in

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RUAG Company presented at «Paris Air Show 2013″ modernized Super Puma

Helicopter Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma, upgraded technology company RUAG (Emmen, Switzerland) and was created to supply the Swiss Air Force (noted TH06), absolutely appropriate reference Cougar. As reported with reference to the RUAG edition «Association of the helicopter industry AVI», the program of modernization is made according to the schedule and should be completed by the end of next year.   By the time the true Swiss Air Force received nine modernized «Puma». Supply tenth helicopter is scheduled for the month of July.   Modernization includes the installation of modern flight control systems with dual FMS GPS-INS, digital monitors with

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What do the Russian military in the U.S.?

The news, which almost went unnoticed. Russia and the United States for the first time will hold joint military exercises in the United States. Bezpretsedentny step!

Russian paratroopers and U.S. Special Forces to hold joint anti-terrorism exercises at the U.S. Army base Fort Carson, told RIA Novosti on Monday a representative of the Defense Ministry for airborne troops (VDV) Major Irina Kruglov.

Earlier, Airborne Troops Commander Lt. Gen. Vladimir Shamanov said that in 2012, Russian paratroopers will take part in several major international exercises, including in the U.S., Armenia and Tajikistan.

"During his visit to the U.S. Navy representatives of

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In Strasbourg, will again talk about Belarus

The Company's April 12 meeting in Strasbourg on the political committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will hold hearings on the situation in Belarus.

With keynote speak at a meeting of the PACE rapporteur on Belarus Sinikka Hurskainen (Finland). In order to participate in the discussion invited the OSCE experts. Also planned performances of the Belarusian human rights defenders Ales Bialiatski and Helena Tonkacheva, and the recently deported from Belarus Head of the International Observation Mission of the Committee on International Control over the human rights situation in the country Andrew Yuryevo.

At a meeting in

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On Earth, the aliens are born?

October 15, 2011 12:29

Skreschivatsya aliens begin with people for the revival of a new alien race? What can you say about the birth of these children dom recently on our planet? Look carefully! No installation or simulation dolls!

T-72 erupts in South Africa

Our homeland will present at the international exhibition Africa Aerospace & Defence — 2012, which will be held from 19 to 23 September in South Africa Waterkloof Air Force Base south of Pretoria, full-scale samples of the modernized tank T-72 and tank support combat vehicle BMPT, and other Russian weapons. This was told news agencies.

"Their products will expose organizations such as ROE, holding" Helicopters of Russia "Concern" Radio-electronic technology "(FSUE" SRI "screen", JSC "KRRTI"), Research and Production Concern "Mechanical Engineering" (FSUE "THEM" SPE "Basalt"), also "NPK Uralvagonzavod" and others, "- said in a statement obtained by news agencies

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Even today, April 12

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Cloud …

…but no rain. Low: 1 — 5 ° C.


In Luxembourg, chaired by EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton sit EU foreign ministers. One of the topics of the meeting — the situation in Belarus.

In Washington at the US-Islamic World Forum serves U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


1945 — U.S. President died Franklin Roosevelt, who was the head of the country's record four terms. Two years after his death, an amendment to the Constitution, which

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Urban Legend watch online

Documentary and informative series of programs "Urban Legends" addresses the subject of paranormal phenomena that have ever occurred in the history of our civilization.

And until now, these actions excite minds, because a concrete answer to the question of why there were those or other phenomena, has not been found.

However, these phenomena in the transfer will only be considered from the standpoint of science — as something that is not consistent with the laws of nature, the paranormal and indescribable. The creators of avoiding talk about the phenomena they examine from a philosophical point

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Ohotinspektorov patrols in Primorye protect ungulates from poachers

Patrols protection of wildlife in the north-eastern Primorye doubled to protect the animals from poachers, who are forced to move around due to the high road of snow in the woods, told RIA Novosti on Monday, Head of the Department for the protection, control and regulate the use of animals Primorye Vladimir Vasiliev.

"In the north-eastern Primorye is difficult weather conditions. High snow led to a mass exodus of animals to the road, as it is easier for them to move. Beast produce easier and, unfortunately, many have decided to take advantage of it," — said the source.


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