The company OptoGaN launched the second largest in Europe, production of LED chips

October 19, 2011, Landskhud, Germany The company "OptoGaN" declares the designed capacity of the pilot production of LED chips in Germany. The company's factory "OptoGaN", located in the city Landskhud, is the second largest manufacture of LED chips in Europe, its capacity is 1 billion LED chips per year.


The main manufacturing facilities "OptoGaN" are located in St. Petersburg, where in November 2010 launched the first line of LED production capacity of 30 million per month. At the site in Germany produces components for LEDs — LED chips, which are then delivered to the Russian production

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The company NyuVak will build a plant for the production of personalized vaccines in Russia

Ltd. "NyuVak" in cooperation with the biotech company Agenus started construction of facilities for the production of personalized cancer therapeutic vaccine Onkofag in Russia on the basis of CHT "KhimRar."

Recall, Agenus provides "NyuVaku" exclusive license to manufacture, marketing and sale of vaccines, as well as the right to conduct clinical trials in combination Onkofaga with co-adjuvant technology in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Onkofag received approval for use in Russia as a means of adjuvant therapy for kidney cancer patients with an average risk of recurrence of the disease in April 2008, the vaccine is obtained

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Tajikistan gives the RF base rent in exchange for military protection

Dushanbe (Reuters) — Tajikistan has agreed to extend the lease free of Russian military bases in 10's years in exchange for a promise to support the Kremlin's new president, Emomali Rahmon, whose regime is tested for strength of disputes with unhappy in the provinces and in frequent clashes with militants.

Close to the negotiations senior sources Russian and Tajik side, pronounced Reuters that expires in two years lease contract being prepared for signing in October Dushanbe forward to the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"The text of the contract on the basis of ready. Will be signed for a

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Andrei Sannikov is asked to buy a prison uniform

Society Ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, asked relatives to buy him a prison uniform. Consideration of the appeal Dmitri Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau June 17: on the eve of the "Young Front" announced details of freelance police officers, who testified against Dashkevich and Lobau. Nikita Lihavida should be released from lock-up on June 13. Information on Sunday's stage with Volodarka minimal.

According to Irina Khalip, her husband, former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov remains "Volodarka." "Andrew did not write an application to transfer the colony to the hearing of the appeal, examines the records of the process, is preparing to appeal. But

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Tavor under 5.45h39 present at Interpolitex?

On the old days in The firearm blog the photos of the assault rifle "Fort" under caliber 5.45h39. As you know, this assault rifle is a licensed copy of the Israeli machine "Tabor", sold under the 5.56 caliber and 9mm. Judging by the incoming disk imaging, it was possible to imagine that a new rifle caliber designed in the Ukraine.

And now the picture is becoming clearer. X95 at 5.45 developed by the Israeli company's head office IWI, and, disk imaging, the Uploaded werewolf0001, it is possible that it will show on the not to distant "Interpolitex." Based on

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The company NLT upgraded lighting in dentistry

The company "NLT" successfully completed its next project, which was implemented in one of Moscow's health care — dental clinic. The company has upgraded the lighting system using a product Novosibirsk project "Plant Lampiris" — art LED panel Lampyris three sizes: LMPRS-315, LMPRS-595 and LMPRS-1155 (the detailed technical specifications of all sizes look on the website of "NLT"). Installation of LED panels was carried out in eight dental offices clinics, x-ray room and in the area for visitors.

Experts have reached the calculated level of 350 lux illumination. LED panels have a smooth and soft quality of

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Riddles Vselennoy.Zemlya. Deadly magnet


Thousands of years ago, was life on Mars. But why did she disappear? What kind of global catastrophe, turned the once habitable planet into a lifeless ball?

The planet "Earth" — is a huge magnet that creates around itself a strong energy field. It is like a shield that protects the Earth from deadly cosmic and solar radiation. This shield is held by two magnetic poles, which are located near the geographical — north and south.

Recent discoveries of scientists, only slightly opened to mankind the true cause of the mysterious death of

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American Mo. visited UFO

October 19, 2011 21:59

A resident of Missouri removed the camera of your phone two unidentified flying objects in the form of luminous balls. On the record shows how quickly they fly across the evening sky, and then hiding behind the trees.

Soon after this video hit the Internet. Viewed its users suggested that presentations are UFOs — it's just a toy plane with light, skeptics were quick to announce the fraud, the website

But for the four previously witnessed UFOs in the skies of Missouri was another American, who also managed to remove

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EU economic sanctions blocked by Italy, Greece, Latvia

Society Today in Luxembourg, a meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Union, which will consider the matter of imposing economic sanctions against Minsk.

Opening the meeting, the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Catherine Ashton said:

"I gave my condolences to the families who lost their loved ones or are injured as a result of what happened in Belarus. We also continue to monitor this situation."

May Katsyyanchych, Press Representative Catherine Ashton, told our radio Ricardo Yuzvyaku, that no concrete decision on sanctions today, will not be accepted.

According Katsyyanchych, the Belarusian issue at today's meeting in Luxembourg

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Miner’s Day watch online

In preparation for the prazdnichkom the capital of days miner 2013 in Kemerovo region — the city of Leninsk— was invested more than 1 billion rubles. Such a figure announced vice-governor of Kuzbass coal industry and energy Andrei Gammershmidt. According to him, in Leninsk-to prazdnichkom built, rehabilitated, repaired or seriously just done up almost 600 different objects.

The other films

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