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The popular movie "Men in Black" and its sequel, which appeared on cinema screens, of course, created a scenario inspired by the real facts. However, the plot of the film — like an inverted reflection of the numerous reports of mysterious visitor is in black, which recently began to visit people who had seen a UFO.

British man in the street in a panic. Some strange people come to the house of respectable citizens and aggressively try to take with young children — ostensibly for medical treatment — or try to see the child right in the nursery. Visitors will behave unusually. They are showing clear signs of impatience, it is extremely terse, but very persistent. Also, some people claim that they feel in their presence inexplicable discomfort and some impact, the overwhelming will. They represented members of the Organization for the Protection of the health and safety of children, or similar services. But when parents called in called "men in black" of the organization, they were told that people there do not work and never worked. Neither the police nor the scientists can not really explain — who is trying to explore the little English and for what purpose?

The first known reports give the right to assert that the strange visits began ten years ago or so. According to the newspaper "The Sunday Telegraph", only in the summer of 1990 in the country's police received a 251 message about trying to take possession of deception children. It is as if some organization with increasing energy looking for some one special child. Hypotheses and conjectures enough, but there is no plausible explanation. Only eighteen cases in 1990, visitors have achieved their goals. According to later reports, this number is even less people are becoming more vigilant. If the "survey" was held the baby in the house, the parents under various pretexts tried at least a few minutes to send away from the child. Some parents failed to notice that the body of their kids strangers led some object, like a hockey puck with a red light on top. If parents insisted to travel with their children to the health center, they suddenly fell asleep in the car and woke up already near his home. They were told that the kids surveyed, while they slept.

All the children who had been in the hands of the mysterious researchers felt sick a few days, although no serious health problems they have not noticed. Check for foreign objects in the children's bodies, too, were negative. None of the kids could not remember what happened to them after they were taken away from their parents sleeping in the car. Some experts believe that the behavior of the visitors seem strange goings-on "black ghosts" that come to people who had seen a UFO or close, according to them, who visited the "flying saucers." These humanoid creatures dressed in all black, occasionally death threats such witnesses for being too talkative. By the reports of such visits is serious about the police because they are spoken by people who live in different places and are completely unrelated to each other. Ufologists insist on a version that under the guise of workers of various children's organizations in the houses of the British appear aliens from other worlds.

Once in the early nineties of the last century, British newspapers urged parents to be vigilant, mysterious creatures moved their business from London and central England to the periphery. In a single year there were 32 such visits, which wrote the provincial newspapers in England and Scotland. Police refused to release it tricks the gang of pedophiles. Although the children after talking with unusual creatures and were in a depressed state, but traces of physical violence against them was found.

Puzzling visitors have changed their tactics, the same, and now in homes with young children come mostly young energetic woman. In April 2001, in a small town in the north of England, in broad daylight, a young mother showed up high and elegant woman said her year-old son is listed in the lists of children with physical disabilities, so it should be further examined. Get their hands on the child, vizitersha quickly left. The same evening, the kid found sleeping in the garden next door.

The British were cautious and did not trust strangers, whoever they may be submitted, examined their children. This caused the mysterious visitors to move their business to other states. Information about these strange visits to homes where there are small children already came from Italy and France. On similar occasions in Russia there is no reliable information, but there is widespread confusion in may go unnoticed anything. On the other hand, the Russians — not a peaceful British man in the street, and the man who had taken refuge behind an iron door and ready for any meetings.

Statistics on occurrence of these strange creatures suggests that the "men in black" are directly related to the UFO phenomenon. Typically, these creatures appear there, where there was spans, hang or UFO landing. At first glance, the "men in black" are no different from ordinary people, but on closer observation of their appearance and behavior gives the impression that it is not entirely successful copy rights. Many who met with "black people", said that they are like the FBI of the Hollywood blockbuster. Externally "men in black" are almost indistinguishable from each other. Their collective appearance is very characteristic of east face type, piercing eyes barely blinking an eye, a white shirt and black tie, black hat and black suit is very new.

"Men in Black" inexplicably accurately find those who observed a UFO or picked up at the landing any details. Any witness UFO may encounter with them, but often they come in contact with the male part of contactees and those of them who are willing to transfer the information to others. "Black people" pose a clear threat. Usually they warn: "You should not talk to anyone about us, that we have visited you or your family suffer." It seems that they are designed to prevent the spread of information about UFOs, all sorts of way intimidating witnesses.

According to eyewitnesses, one of the "men in black" is usually short monosyllabic conversation with the object of their persecution, and the other (or others) is sitting in the car. Interestingly, the car in which they appear, those models that went out of use 20 years ago. After checking the police plates is that these numbers do not exist. When the persecution of the police car with the "men in black" can disappear without a trace on a deserted road, leaving no traces.

All this is so strange and improbable that may seem like just a hallucination. But assembled in America and Europe information confirms not only the objective reality of the "men in black", but also the negative effects of contact with them. American writer Sidney Sheldon, gathered to write a new novel, which addresses the issue of UFOs, has studied the statistics associated with the phenomenon of "flying saucers". Here is what he came to some surprising conclusions. It turns out that among the experts who analyze this phenomenon, particularly high mortality. And perish, as a rule, the best serious researchers, professors, those who could really lift the veil of secrecy over the UFO phenomenon. The explanation is: the government's leading economic countries are long in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations and want to maintain a monopoly on information about extraterrestrial intelligence. In addition to the direct elimination of scientists and witnesses, a top-secret organization uses blackmail and intimidation.

In the Western press has already appeared on the publication of the mysterious "men in black", which were attributed to attempts to intimidate UFO. Now we can talk about these facts and in Russia. Well-known UFO researcher, academician V. Azhazha, has been studying the UFO phenomenon since 1976, says: "From February 1993 to home and work phone numbers unfamiliar male and female voices threatened me after each performance on TV and on the radio …"

Zodiac 10.2005

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