Arctic Ocean — the main theme of Expo 2012

Arctic Ocean - the main theme of Expo 2012.  Collage: Voice of RussiaThe smallest of the oceans is a catastrophic threat to mankind (AUDIO)

These findings are increasingly scientists around the world. Arctic as part of a huge ocean will be the theme of the World Exhibition "Expo-2012" in the South Korean city of Yeosu.

Freshening of the Arctic Ocean and the melting of Arctic sea ice has led to the formation on the surface of the cold film that covers the warmer ocean currents. These changes are kept on their toes the entire international community, because they can lead to a radical change in climate. At the same time, the Arctic Ocean — is a huge oil and gas superbasseyn concealing a rich oil and gas reserves. This region has recently attracted the attention of more and more countries. So the choice of the topic for the Expo is understandable.

According to the old tradition of the World Forum of new technologies, participating countries are reflected in the concept of its theme pavilions, as declared by the host country. Territory with boundless potential, a platform for the implementation of advanced technologies and innovation, the scope of mysteries, dangers and problems of legendary history dating back centuries, the Arctic Ocean will appear in the Russian pavilion "Ocean and Man. Way from the past to the future" at the Expo -2012, said Alexander Dianov, One of the organizers of the Russian exposition:

"One of the most striking elements of our pavilion will be the Arctic Ocean. Therefore, the theme of the Arctic, and our first polar expedition, our atomic icebreaker fleet — will occupy a prominent place in our pavilion."

The Northern Sea Route, which serves the ports of the Arctic and the large rivers of Siberia, will also be presented in South Korea, said Alexander Dianov. For many countries participating in the exhibition — is an alternative communication route. Japan for the same path along the northern route twice shorter than the path from Yokohama to Murmansk via the Suez Canal.

The world's oceans today is facing a serious crisis, so the question of ecology at Expo 2012 will be a priority. Russia will talk about how it interacts with the part of the oceans, which most touches — from the Arctic Ocean, said Alexander Dianov:

"All of our theme raised the fundamental question of EXPO — 2012: As Russia takes care of its coastal zone. And yet — how involved in learning the depths of the oceans. Here are the results of research on the deep manned submersibles" Mir "and our reserves and our fishing economy. "

Is projected at Expo 2012 visit of about 8 million people. The Russian pavilion, according to organizers, will be not only an advocacy center, but also the focus of practical solutions to the environmental problems of the oceans and the Arctic.

Olga Taranenko 

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