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In 1989, a small area in the state of Nevada, known as Groom Lake and is owned by the U.S. Air Force, has become extremely popular. Until then, the word "Area 51" and especially "Groom Lake" ("Lake groom") and "Pepus Lake" ("Lake of the Child") to the general public were not known.

One night in May 1989, the radio station of Las Vegas passed an unusual history. The young physicist, speaking under the pseudonym Dennis, told the nine "flying saucers", studied a small group of government at a secret base located near Groom Lake. Dennis said he worked at the base and very knowledgeable about her ongoing research and development. A few weeks later he called his real name — Robert Lazar. Since tense debate surrounding the figure of Lazar and of what he has told.

Robert Lazar took off from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas and landed at Area 51, which is a secret government base in the Nevada Test Site. Area 51 is located approximately 125 miles north of Las Vegas near the Groom Lake dry lake.

Hence, the scientist was taken to an even more secretive place, located about 15 miles south of Area 51. This place is called S4. located near the dry lake Pepus Lake. Here alien technology was studied and implemented.

When the bus vezshy employee base, entered the zone S4, through his tinted windows to the left of the road Lazar saw a row of hangars, recessed in the bottom of the mountain. Farmed out the guards greeted passengers with evil, tearing off the leash dogs. Despite the grins, the dogs did not publish any sounds. They've all been removed vocal cords. Once past the guards, Lazar and his companions went to the only cut in the mountain door. This was the entrance to the underground research facility base S4.

Behind the door was a small empty room with a security guard. In the next room included inspected and passed on. A long corridor led to the point of control door hangars, laboratories, clinics and other premises. Here, the scientists were not only physical and technical research, but also got acquainted with the various aspects of all that concerns the aliens from outer space. According to Lazar, the evolution is controlled by aliens on Earth for thousands of years, and 15 years between them and the scientists base S4 is a direct exchange of technology. In S4 studied all the technological side of "flying saucers". Lazar addressed the issue of the physical basis of the movement of these vehicles. He, like other researchers, believes that the whole matter is the gravitational forces and the methods of their control. The system of space-time are gravitational interactions, so mastering them, you can freely change the system or, in other words, to move in it. Power plant frisbee just creates a different gravitational waves, which change the gravitational field.

Change in the gravitational field does not only mean changes in the forces of attraction and repulsion "plates". Is primarily a curvature of space. Such phenomena observed UFOs, as a momentary disappearance, turns under almost impossible angles, changing the shape and color are due to the distortion of space around the UFO. To get from one point to another, no matter how far it was, to bend space so that the points as close.

In addition to the wave physics, studies of Robert Lazar great emphasis on studying the source of the gravitational energy. Lazar first came to the conclusion that as the energy source element is used Periodic Table 115. However, the mechanism of how the element 115 moves the "plate" for scientists base S4 is still not fully disclosed.

Lazar message stored on a stock S4 element 115 is not less intriguing than its own certificate of alien machines. On Earth, this super-heavy element in its pure form does not exist, and science still can not get it in any way. Items with three-digit numbers obtained by artificial means in accelerators, but they are extremely unstable and live a split second. However, the calculations of scientists have shown that there must be a so-called "transuranic island of stability", which include 114 and 115 items. This means that they may exist, without breaking, a relatively long time. The projects in which he participated Lazar went to reverse engineer the program, which began in 1979. In the year between the administration of the base and the newcomers conflict erupted. Under the contract the aliens took a part of the database, conducting joint research with scientists and giving them their technology. One day, in spite of the warnings of alien guards too pulled his ring surrounding the research site. All of them were killed. The newly arrived reinforcements had suffered the same fate.

Total killed 44 soldiers. The aliens also killed the scientist, whom they taught, and left the base. Before leaving they said they would come back and have named the date of his return. However, this number is six digits — 1625hh. The last two are not known, and Lazar has no ideas about what it could mean to.

On the basis of the remaining equipment and alien technology that has since scientists have studied independently, trying to understand and recreate them in earthly terms.

The diameter of each amplifier is about 60 cm amplifiers can deviate from its vertical axis, and, says Lazar, represent a unique part of the "plates" that can move.

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