Ichthyologists: the rivers of Belarus growing number of alien fish

In recent years the Belarusian rivers significantly increased the number of alien species. This leads to suppression and displacement of traditional forms for Belarus, as the latter often can not compete, said head of the Laboratory of Ichthyology Scientific and Practical Center for Bioresources, NAS of Belarus Viktor Rizevsky.

The spread on the territory of Belarus alien fish species have been linked primarily to the warming climate. With increasing temperature these types easier to adapt to new environment and quickly multiply. "As a result, the suppression and repression of native species, reduced biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems," — said the scientist.

Of particular concern among ichthyologists expansion alien fish habitat in the river. For example, one of the most common of these species — bull-tsutsika — previously recorded only in the southern and central parts of the country. "Today we received information that the fish appeared in the northern region, in particular in Orsha," — said the expert. In the near future ichthyologists are planning to organize a special expedition to the Vitebsk region, to examine the fish fauna of the Dnieper near Orsha, BelTA informs.

To date, of the 63 living species in Belarus about two dozen are invasive, and the process of invasion in the near future will only grow. In this regard, additional measures to preserve the country's traditional ichthyofauna.

At present, scientific-practical center NAS for Bioresources evaluate and monitor animal biodiversity in Belarus. Experts study patterns of functioning and structural organization of communities of animals and birds, explore the endo-and ecto-parasites and vectors of vector-borne diseases, and develop a system of protected natural areas.

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