In hide and seek with eternity




Many of the "remember" its previous life and can describe in detail his adventures in another body hundred or a thousand years ago

A few years ago I was preparing material for the intensive care unit of the Kaliningrad Regional Hospital, Head of whom Vladimir Zatovka said many striking facts. According to highly experienced doctors, clinical death, of course — one of the mysteries of modern science: the return of this condition patients often receive information from somewhere mysterious and acquire new knowledge. "The fact that the soul exists and has a complex, special life, for me — the absolute truth," — stunned me resuscitator.

The doctor introduced me to one of his female patients: as a result of a severe accident Irina Lakoba almost a month she was in a coma. "Returned" is there like a different person 20 years working as an engineer in the NGO "Fishing technology," she suddenly said that he saw a little girl on the southern bank of a river, and spoke in a strange language. Later in the same language (later linguists with filfaka Kaliningrad University came to the conclusion that it is — one of the dialects of Swahili), she began to write poetry and translate them not only in Russian but also in English and French, which previously did not own.

But most of all, according to the doctor, he was struck by another. One day, when Irene was still in a coma, he was talking to her husband. The conversation took place in his office, located on two floors below the house, where the patient was lying. When she regained consciousness, she recounted word for word the dialogue and described many of the things to see and hear just could not. However, she claimed that she had seen and heard it all, walking through the corridors of the hospital. However, she said that all the time watching her bedridden body and wondered what it is old and ugly. Another would be: after all, in moments of "walking," she was a young girl, full of energy and health.

This case — a good example of reincarnation or rebirth. Adherents of esoteric teachings, Hindus and Buddhists even does not occur to doubt that there is no death, but only an endless series of reincarnations in which wanders eternal soul. But we were brought up in the tradition of Orthodox culture and scientific atheism, it is extremely difficult to believe. Nowadays, however, reincarnation, a couple of decades ago it was a myth, it is a scientific concept, the number of supporters which is continuously growing.

American in resuscitation Raymond Moody took three decades and several books about the phenomenon of life after death in order to convince the majority of their readers: heart failure and disabling brain — not the end. Those that returned from the dangerous journey to the next world, not saying a word, tell the doctor about the long corridors and the light at the end of the tunnel, deceased relatives who came to talk to them about the new life of the doorway leading into a new, beautiful and unknown world — history, matching the details. Thousands of such evidence obtained Moody and dozens of his followers, eliminate collusion or fraud.

Of course, the findings of Moody who gave humanity a new hope for immortality, have caused not only delight. There were also opponents. The most authoritative of them — the famous psychiatrist Stanislav Grof. It is administered to patients who have experienced near-death experience, in a state of hypnosis and subjected to "interrogation." In the book, "The Temptation of otherworldly," written as a kind of response to Moody, he makes disappointing to many conclusions tunnel — this is not the way to "the other world", and the subconscious impressions baby, held long and narrow birth canal. The bright light at the end — obstetrical room, really, is usually well lit. The same tunnels, it turns out, seeing all the people who are immersed in hypnosis, but never appears on the verge of life and death.

Other critics Moody — a physicist Paul Kurtz, a physiologist and neurobiologist Jack Cowan Elizabeth Clark — come to the conclusion that the vision of the tunnel sections are produced by the dying of the cerebral cortex which deal with visual images. This is due to a deficit entering the dying cells of oxygen, which is why there are so-called excitation wavelength of the form of concentric circles. Try to dive and stay underwater longer, hang upside down, or stay in a stuffy room — and exactly the circles will appear before your eyes. The last thought fading consciousness puts these circles into the tunnel. Everything else — the game of imagination and dreams that have been tested in an unconscious state. So decided to material scientists.

However, their arguments are not able to answer all your questions. For example, why the tunnel and bright light, deceased relatives and figure in a white see people whose brain is not functioning? So, these images are not related to the work of the brain, and the thought — not the result of his activities? That same idea is and where it is born, argued in his books as a brilliant neuroscientist domestic, academic Natalya spondylitis. According to Natalia Petrovna, the brain — the greatest mystery that scientists have to solve for a long time.

How, for example, explain that many of the "resurrected" by seeing his lifeless body lying on the operating table or in the emergency room, other patients, doctors, hearing them talk? And this phenomenon can not be explained only by the lack of oxygen in the tissues and organs.

Dutch scientist Van Lommel, who has studied this phenomenon in their patients, said: visions visit dying at the time of disconnection of the central nervous system, which proves that consciousness — not the function of the brain. One of his charges went into cardiac arrest and stopped the activity of the brain. Doctors pronounced clinically dead. The patient entered the larynx up to a ventilator. This had to remove the denture. Half an hour later the heart of the patient was able to "run". A week later, the patient regained consciousness and demanded back his false teeth. Hospital staff could not find her. Then he reminded himself, to put it … He said that he had "seen" it all "from above", hovering over their own bodies. After that, like all the "tourists in eternity", he went on a date with family and remembered his life to the smallest detail. Ahead loomed the Creator in white, when there was a deafening bang: the beating of his heart. It was unbearably painful, and the last thing he heard the patient was a trumpet voice from above: "Not yet. Come back. "

Muscovite French origin Anneli Béziers able to recall past lives. Her book "Twilight of Memory" — an entertaining narrative of experienced reincarnation. It turns out that in order to survive the experience of transformation, not necessarily die. Author of the book itself does not remember exactly what the number is limited to her experience a "change of bodies," but, according to the doctrine of karma, reincarnation of everyone — thousands, and our soul is not required to be in the human body. It is, depending on karmic tasks can cater shell and Colorado beetle in rat skin.

People allegedly remembering his previous life, it turns out, a lot. Muscovite Olga Kuleshov was acutely aware of that before birth 37 years ago, lived in England and was a violinist (skills to play this instrument it is partially preserved, even though she did not study it), before — in India, where he served in the home of a wealthy nobleman. 200 years ago, she managed to visit the sultan's concubine, and in medieval Italy was a pupil of Michelangelo himself. Olga pleased to demonstrate the ability to draw in the style of his teacher and learning in Old Italian, though, in his own words, had not studied the language. However, to check whether this is hardly possible.

Lev Mikhailov from Tambov "remembers" how to participate in the Battle of Kulikovo, describes his brief conversation with Peresvet and how to actually look smaom Prince Dmitry Donskoy. Natalia Korotkov from Ryazan sure that was the very princess that loved to death Stenka Razin, and says, she does not die in the depths of the river waters, and became the wife of a rebel, and even gave birth to a son, Oleg Stepanovich.

The famous scientist, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences Vlail Treasurers in his book "Survival of the population of Russia," wrote that the phenomenon of reincarnation got so much evidence that is not in doubt. Another thing — how to explain it. None of the many existing hypotheses on this account does not give a convincing explanation for the phenomenon. What is it — a breakthrough in the semantic space of the universe, moving in parallel worlds, the game is unconscious or real memories? Be that as it may, the scientific theory of reincarnation is not created yet.

Or maybe it's for the best: Is it worth to know in advance what we are waiting for the final touch — a void, immortality, or series of reincarnations? One hopes that there is no end, but few people think that infinity can be no better. "And while that is given to us here and now life — the only miracle in which we can not doubt," — so says the academician Treasurers.

Natalia Leskov

On the face of impossible 4 (361), 2005

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