In Japan, the eruption of a volcano

In Japan, began erupting volcano Shinmoedake

Japan woke volcano located in the southwestern part of the country, which was at rest for about two weeks, according to AFP.

1.4-meter volcano Shinmoedaki (Shinmoedake) threw a height of up to four kilometers ash and rocks. It is not clear whether the awakening of the volcano was a direct result of the earthquake in Japan on March 11, which caused a tsunami ten meters.

However, the authorities have assigned volcano third of the five levels of danger. Rescue services have restricted access to the mountain. Information about the evacuation of people and the consequences of the eruption has been received.

In late January, the Japanese city of Miyazaki in the eruption Simmoe airport was closed. Ashes fell asleep runway. In addition, the damage was done to crops of vegetables on the area seven thousand hectares in 12 villages in the south of the island of Kyushu.



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