In New Zealand, 24 dolphins stranded and dead birds are already in Beijing

In New Zealand, 24 stranded dolphinsA flock of 24 pilot whales, otherwise known as the black dolphins washed up on a beach in the mangroves of the North Island of New Zealand, all the animals were killed, a spokesman for the New Zealand Wildlife Service, Jonathan Maxwell.

Ten pilot whales were found in the shallows of the bay Parengarenga still alive, but their condition was very serious, in addition, the weather conditions and the long wait for the tide was not allowed to hope for their return to the ocean. So had to grind to sleep.

"Unfortunately, the situation is not in favor of these animals. We had no choice but how to ease their suffering," — said Maxwell.

Pilot whale or black dolphins — marine mammals of the order Cetacea. The body of the pilot whale, reaching a length of 8.5 meters, fully painted in black except for a white spot under his chin in the shape of an anchor, hence another name for these animals. Pilot whale weight is about 800 pounds, but there are also instances of weighing more than two tons.

In New Zealand, whales and dolphins are often washed ashore. This is mainly in the summer months, when flocks of mammals migrate to Antarctic waters or returning from there past the coast of New Zealand.

Generally, if one pilot whale washed ashore, then others try to help her and, as a result, share her fate.

For example, in 2009, nearly 200 marine mammal family Delphinidae (type grinding ordinary) washed ashore on an island near the southern Australian state of Tasmania. According to estimates of the participants rescue operations, only 54 survived the pilot whale. In addition, it was observed among these seven common dolphins, which also washed ashore.

And shortly before it ashore near Tasmania emissions of more than 400 sperm whales, 48 animals were killed. Before that, in November 2008, in Tasmania at least 150 stranded pilot whales, 54 were killed. Also, a similar case was registered and the Philippines, where the shore of Manila Bay area jumped more than 200 dolphins, three of whom died.

Meanwhile, the mass death of wild birds recorded in the suburban area of Beijing — near the village Shatszyin. There, along the banks of Xiaoqing found ten dead blackbirds, mallards and forty.

"We did not find a dead bird or avian flu signs of some other infectious disease," — said the center of the sanitary-epidemiological control.

He did not rule out that they died of hunger and adverse weather conditions. However, experts point out, ornithologists that birds can for a long time to transfer the cold and lack of fodder, if there is water to drink. Xiaoqing river water is considered pure.

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