In St. Petersburg, crows terrorize kindergarten

Hoodie.  Photo: WikipediaParents are advised to wait for pupils officials thaw and destroy the nest.
Every morning kindergarten playgrounds number 51 on the street Demian Poor have cleaned out the debris of branches and feces. Crows chosen trees growing there, under the crash pad. Flock as soon as it gets dark, taking with them their belongings back-breaking labor for the day — the dregs. As dawn — go hunting, throwing crumbs to the ground.

— Even dozens, hundreds of crows — complain to parents of kindergarten students. — Slides, swings all the morning covered with crow droppings. Birds bring waste from the nearby garbage dumps and revel in our garden. It is still fresh snow at times hides this mess. But what will happen in the spring?

— Crows flock to our second winter in a row — shrugs head Galina Penkovskaya garden. — I do not know what we lure them. While they are not very aggressive. But if they start nesting here, appears chicks, then close out of trouble. During a test flight of ravens, crows behave aggressively.

For help from the invasion of cruise staff garden wrote to the district administration, parents complained to the CPS.

— We were told that to wait for the thaw, and destroy their nests — shocked reaction techs parents. — Automatically. Though the crows roost at the fourth floor. At what height they sovyut nest is anyone's guess.

— Probably, the MOE will call in late March — sigh guide garden. — They even have a ladder. Well, do not shoot the same bird? There still around a residential area.

But ornithologists fight with crows kindergarten is not advised.

— This bunkhouse — explains ornithologist Zoological Institute Vladimir Brave. — Nests where they will not go. A maximum of one or two pairs. Raven colonial birds. It is now, they are gregarious way of life, and closer to the end of March will split into pairs and begin to live separately. The closest urban — at a distance of fifty or seventy meters in nature and does from a kilometer. No danger of crows do not represent. Conversely, a crow — respected bird. It was as orderly city selects everything that is not eaten people. Cleans it of debris. If St. Petersburg is less littered, then the crows would be less.

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