In Yamal bears come to the village

The brown bear is one of the largest predators.  Photo:

The object of his attention Messoyahinskoe animals chosen field in Taz region, writes News. Ru.
Bears go directly to the people, they can attack, as it was in the vicinity of another field. Brown bear attacked mushroom picker. The man survived, he is in the hospital.

Bear attack survivor Nicholas Vasyukov from the conversation at the camera refused. But talk to him still managed. According to the man, it happened when he was collecting mushrooms in the forest. He recalls that suddenly flashed shadow-bear with cubs. At the same moment he heard the roar and crackle of branches. Nicholas kept his head and jumped not a tree, but it was too late. Beast man pulled to the ground, and then began fighting. After a brief bout predator gone home.
Nicholas survived with multiple injuries Vasyukov hips and hands are free to choose, and the forest and asked for help. After such an event, many began to wonder: how to behave when meeting a bear?

One of the most common myths says that the bear can escape by swimming. But it is not. It is also impossible to run away from the beast. Kosolapov animal catch even a horse. But if the meeting did take place with a bear, hunters advised to remain calm and do not in any way to escape. Director of stores for hunting and fishing Malyugin Victor believes that "in the event of predator attack, is first to shoot in the air."

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