India and China are aware of the UFO bases in the Himalayas!




An earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale killed in southwest Asia at least 200,000 people and caused untold distress to several countries. It even moved the pole, changed the geography of certain regions, and the angular velocity of rotation of the Earth. Soon after the disaster, even in the first days of January 2005, once again the talk of war undergoing a top-secret weapon environmental — these tests, they say, and caused an earthquake. And remembered about the aliens: they are not trying to help us — to adjust the rotation of the Earth's wobbly, swinging from side to side.

Curiously, some scholars have noted, though after a powerful underwater earthquake, our planet and in fact began to rotate more stable. A geochemist Donald Depaolo University of California, expressly stated that the earth periodically need such shake-up: they regulate our environment, and most importantly — the temperature of water and air.

People whispered fearfully, some knowingly and nodded his head emphatically: of course, it's not a coincidence! Exactly a year ago, and also on Christmas Day December 26 earthquake in Iran caused the deaths of 30,000 people. And is it not strange that the earlier near Sumatra was not seen such a strong seismic activity? And why all of a sudden the U.S. is sent to the site of a disaster warship?

Indian media also did not miss the chance to speculate about secret conspiracies. A correspondent of India Daily Sudhir Chad said that the "recently there have been reports of alien contact with the South Asian governments, particularly the government of India. And in the affected area completely observed a UFO. " Some even suspected that it was a monstrous experiment, a sort of "dress rehearsal" for the future of the Flood: how humanity will react, how it will behave?

UFO Newsletter UFO Roundup № 2 dated January 12, 2005, placed a selection of posts from India Daily, UFO India, USA Today, etc. that in areas where the disaster played out, a few days before, seen a lot of UFO sightings. These reports came from the Andaman and Nicobar islands of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, etc. Local people had no idea what to do with this information and who to this report. But they have the impression that all these gizmos were flying over them is not accidental — they wanted to make contact and say something important. UFO, by the way, reported and foreign tourists who arrived in Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman Islands — people have seen strange flying objects in the week before the disaster.

News about UFO sightings over the Indian Andaman Islands have caused heated discussions in New Delhi — whether the government should tell the people what he knows about the alien presence. It is no secret (and this is also the newspaper India Daily), that "in Ladakh, for example, local people already consider an everyday occurrence that appear out of the ground the large triangular UFO, and that they protect the Indian security forces."

Be that as it may, the publication of the aliens in India as more and more frequently. Wrote, for example, that in New Delhi in a nightclub ubiquitous journalist Subhi Jane had a chance to talk to an officer of very high rank, and he argues that "in recent years, the aliens have visited most of the major states. India — is no exception. They always go to the contact through the ground radar installations — says journalist with the words of his companion. — Most recent contacts took place in the Himalayas and Ladakh. " The aliens want the Indians knew the rules and conditions for the existence of a multi-dimensional universe. As India plans to unmanned space mission to the moon and then to Mars, its space research organization (SRO) has received instructions from the aliens that can and can not do in space.

According to rumors circulating in New Delhi, when the aliens come to contact with the representatives of the Indian government, they initially lost. Did not even know how to react to it. Then, little by little, everything was settled, calm down. Everyone seems to have come to the conclusion that the aliens are friendly with them and to get along with.

In Leh, one of the towns of Ladakh region, a local employee confirmed that the Indian Army has placed in this zone motorized brigade, tasked with protected areas and to prevent tourists and even civilians.

In Bangalore recently retired officer of the Indian Air Force was asked to speak on any subject in elementary school, where he studied his younger son. And you know what subject he chose for his speech? UFO underground base in Ladakh.

However, the former aviator began his story with new advances in technology, including the space industry. The children began to ask questions — where, they say, come from such technology. And then the guest began to describe in detail the space base.

— Surrounded by the two highest mountain systems, the Himalayas and the Karakoram, this area is in front of the other two ranges — Ladakhskogo and Lanskarskogo. The people living there at an altitude of 2,750 meters in Kargil to 7728m in Saser-Kangri. In summer, temperatures rarely exceed 27 degrees Celsius, while in winter it drops to minus 20 degrees even in Leh. The thin air makes the heat of the sun more tangible, so that only in Ladakh man sitting in the sun, feet in the shade of which may simultaneously suffer from sunstroke and frostbite! Here in this unusual location newcomers and established his base!

January 9, 2005 India Daily reporter published an article entitled "China and India know about underground UFO bases in the Himalayas." And that's what he says.

According to many UFO researchers, UFO has a base hidden in the depths of the oceans and the earth's thicker. Kongka La — one of those places where suspicious objects appear out of almost impenetrable mountains on the border between the two countries, and both of them prefer to keep quiet, that is.

Kongka La — this is a low mountain pass in the Himalayas in the disputed territory claimed by both countries (on the map it is marked by an oval). Part of the area is still under Chinese control. The Chinese held northeastern part of the territory known as Aksai Chin and India — south-west, known as Ladakh. This is where the Indian and Chinese armies fought hard in 1962. This is one of the most remote mountain regions in the world, and reached a bilateral agreement, both countries have decided not to patrol this stretch of the border. Many tourists are told, however, that the boundary line is still under observation. It is followed by the Buddhist monks and the local people of Ladakh, Indian Army and the Chinese military. But in this area there is something much more serious. Some of the locals as the Indian and the Chinese side told that this is where you can often see UFOs.

Recently Hindu pilgrims marched to the holy mountain of Kailas from the west of the pass, they saw strange lights in the sky. Local guides told the Indians that there is a very common thing. Just in time for the busiest sector of the Sino-Indian border strange glowing triangular aircraft and then silently emerge from the ground and soar almost vertically into the sky. Some interesting numbers of pilgrims wanted to look into this area. But they were stopped by the Chinese guard posts first, and then the Indian border patrol, when people tried to approach the area from different sides. This is despite the agreement on the free movement between the two countries.

Then the pilgrims began to question the Indian border patrol, what was going on. They told me that they have ordered the security services — not to let anyone in this area whatsoever. Here are only allowed Indian special forces and intelligence. And it is true that strange objects fly out with a very strong lights.

When someone starts asking about UFOs locals are laughing yes no secret here is not! The presence of aliens and their underground bases are well known as the Indian and the Chinese government. However, neither the one nor the other for some reason does not want to admit it. A local authority was ordered to keep quiet.

But the question is why the aliens have decided to create their underground base here? And because at this point the Eurasian and Indian tectonic plates are stacked. More precisely, how would one dives beneath the other. And this is one of the few regions in the world where the thickness of the crust is about twice the average of its thickness.

The double thickness of the crust allows you to create underground bases deep inside the tectonic plates. For some strange reason, neither the Chinese nor the Indians had nothing can be worked out, not drilled or dug so that the mines in these areas is not, is a land of pristine, virgin and untouched.

And one more thing. Recently India and China suddenly rushed to solve the border problems and again establish relations Indochina. Quite an extended part of the border between the two countries is being held in the Himalayas, and every part of this boundary in the negotiations is discussed, debated. In addition to district Aksai Chin. This area is still controversial. But what's interesting: during the negotiations so it seems that both sides completely indifferent to it. Though India claims that this is her territory, the government believed that the sticking point this area should not be: the world is more expensive. On the other hand, the Chinese reclaimed area of Aksai Chin in India in 1962, built a strategically important military road, but now they use another route, and the impression is that La Kongka they do not care. In general, strange things are happening here.

Recently … the local school organized a children's drawing competition. And that is typical: more than half of the work was devoted to a strange object in the sky, some of which appear at the bottom, right out of the mountains …

Svetlana Anina

On the face of impossible 4 (361), 2005

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