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Human Aura (spetssemka)

It is well known saying of Napoleon, who stated that "… there are two levers of influence on people. This is — fear and self-interest. "

Thus, for these purposes, assumed the intentional and varied effects on humans in order to achieve the desired result.

But, as recently established, there is another lever of influence on the people, which is much more effective than the first two. However, it involves the exposure of people, mostly on a subconscious level.

(Think for example the effect of the so-called "25 frame", when an enterprising businessman in America inserted into each 25 frames of film popular film advertising their drink. Naturally, people do not have time to even notice the ads, the more read it. However, the viewer's brain at a subconscious level, to commit this information. As a result, after a session of this movie crowds buy advertised beverage, clearly not understanding why they do it, but in doing so bringing fabulous profits inventor of such advertisements).

About the new sensational discoveries and opportunities to influence people on February 6 this year told Ukrainian television viewers in the program "The Edge of Knowledge" doctor of technical sciences, professor of the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics (KNURE) Nikolay Kolpakov. He, in particular, spoke about the so-called "PI"-WAVES (more P-wave / short with angl.yaz — PV /), which, using a special technique developed at KNURE that can read thoughts with HUMAN BRAIN AT A DISTANCE !

According to the scientist, allegedly by a generator of P waves an inverse process — PROGRAMMING PEOPLE at the subconscious level! This is speaking in the modern language a kind of "installation" of the human brain as a sort of bio-computer.

However, as virtually established in Ukrainian university, every person on Earth has its own emission band of psychic energy, which can be tuned to affect any rights (by operator P-wave generator!).

It is all reminiscent of the setting to the desired wave radio, you just twist the knob you want …

So, what is the — P-waves? Today, almost every high school student knows about the scale of different frequencies: sound, X-ray, thermal, electromagnetic, chemical, X-rays and other. Reasonably believe that the frequency scale is practically inexhaustible as the atom.

The man himself, according to one prominent scientist, is just simply "bunch of electromagnetic waves." No wonder in the world of science are of the opinion that the level of civilization depends on what frequency it was able to achieve!

Nikolay Kolpakov also notes that in the early twentieth century in the book Max Heindel "Kosmogenicheskaya Rosicrucian concept" was published vibration table, supposedly coming from outer space, where are all the famous people at the time of frequency. This completes the list of record — "The higher the frequency of mental energy."

Naturally, the level of scientific and technological progress has not previously allowed to reach these frequencies at which the human brain works. Earlier and above the aura of a man most just giggles, and now in Kiev, there are special shop where anyone can take a picture of it. It was found that the so-called "Subtle world" not only exists, but everything he's incredibly complex and multifaceted.

Even the so-called "Soul" of human scientists now refer to as IRIS — information and administrative system! By the way, until now, scientists did not know what distinguishes man from apes, although the human genome can already say that next to our brother — a chimpanzee more than 90% has the same gene set, as in humans. But today science has been able to come to the frequencies of psychic energy.

P-waves of this energy, according to N. Kolpakov have a frequency of about 10 to 40 [degrees] hertz! A propagation velocity in vacuum of the order of October 19 [degree] meters per second, which is a million times larger than the speed of light? And this is not fiction — it is possible to implement in practice and tested in KHNURE which was set up appropriate equipment.

N.Kolpakov and his colleagues have developed and carried out mass hitromudryh experiments on human cells before and after exposure to psychics. (Psychic as opposed to the average person simply better concentrate bioenergy).
As a result, it was found that the conductivity of these cells before and after exposure was varied psychic. In this changed conductivity of any items! N. Kolpakov said "subtle world" over which scientists are experimenting, has many components. However, they are still working with only two of them, but what is not said.

Despite this already well established that every person has their own channel frequency that is clearly different and, as a fingerprint, is unique.

Already set up recording equipment, these frequencies and there is a real opportunity to read at a distance of thought any people, without any contact "connections" to them.

By the way, for example, came the famous clairvoyant Vanga, knowing how during a conversation with a man "tuned" to its information wave and learn about conversing with many of his personal life. All this confirms the teachings of Academician VI Vernadsky's noosphere, where the biosphere is entering the new state as a result of the evolution of mankind, and the man with his intellect is only part of the global energy-space, which you can "connect" and to draw the necessary information, because people's thoughts — are material. Modern physics has extended its fundamental concepts such categories as Consciousness and information, etc.

In this regard, the thought of the famous television shows featuring such well-known psychics as Anatoly Kashpirovsky, Alan Chumak, Leonid Pritzker, etc. Interestingly, charging the usual water bioenergy some positive, beneficial effects on people, Alan Chumak could change its structure, which was confirmed by several authoritative studies conducted with this water by different research institutes.

Thus, there is a real practice of mass effect psychics generating bioenergy directly to millions of people! Apparently, according to information storage medium — a low-frequency radiation, which are, in this case, tele-radio, high-bioenergy psychics "flows" as the hose to the viewers.

I myself have felt the positive impact of well-known psychic distance academician Leonid Pritzker, who by telephone from Alma-Ata had on me medicinal effect, but between us there were thousands of miles away. In Kazakhstan, he is worshiped at Vanga often invited abroad. It is also known that human organs operate on different frequencies (single frequency liver and spleen on a different frequency, etc.).

Apparently, it makes sense to create a bank of standard frequencies of healthy people and treat their patients. Today is widely used so-called biopotentsory small, have a positive effect on the reproductive males, creating a certain frequency radiation stimulating effect on the respective centers of the human brain that are responsible for this function.

In view of the above, the clear success of the technique some doctors psychics who perform non-contact "energomassazh" patients, achieving positive results. At the same time, distorted aura disease patients recovered, contributing to their recovery. As an example, a physician of the Kiev Zhukov Lyudmila Petrovna methodology which is recognized even by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

As reported in 2001, the Russian newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in the famous anti-terrorist group "Alpha" for pain relief in case of injury in combat, used a "secret" medallion that had to be worn on the chest, each of the men of "Alpha".

He is now declassified and available for sale under the name "Medivh." Method of treatment of these so-called normalizing based on the correction of the energy-information condition of the body, and ultra-weak interactions of different range of fields with the man himself (any biological object) — a new step in the study of nature.

Experts rightly believe that the development and improvement of these methods — the future of modern medicine.

In view of the foregoing, it can be concluded that the energy-informational effect on humans, including his mind, in the present conditions is greatly increased and improved. Also of interest are known experiments Jiang (RF), learned how to grow chickens on which the gun instead of growing his hair, with no physical contact between the eggs in the incubator and by Jiang.

The effect is achieved only through distance bioenergoinformational special effects! And examples of these and other different wave effects on the body are many.

Referring to the P-wave, it can be noted that they offer great possibilities, especially in medicine. Also N. Kolpakov reasonably believes that the time has come when you can shorten the learning curve repeatedly man, what now takes a long time. For example, if training is now required of every person 15-20 years of age (10-12 years old school, 5 or more years college), this time-consuming and expensive process can be greatly reduced, "writing" in the human brain with the necessary knowledge of P-waves !

The only thing holding back this experiment, it is ignorance of what will be the result. Do not be damaged in the course of this study, "bioinstallyatsii" the human brain does not develop if he biorobot? There are a lot of problems. Of course it's all good, but at the same time, very bad! This problem is reminiscent of nuclear, where the peaceful atom gives power to people, etc., and use of nuclear energy for military purposes, could wipe out life on Earth.

Just think, if the unit is not as complicated myslechteniya and it will make many technically competent people, then the problem is out of control. Statesmen admitted to state and official secrets, including military, as well as businessmen are vulnerable to unauthorized exposure of P-waves that allow for hidden eat (a kind of "scan") classified information with specific people-sekretonositeley. Now under serious threat are: public, internal, and commercial secrets, as there is not adequate protection!

In this secret private life of any person also ceases to be such. Or is the time when each sekretonositelyu for safety must be worn on the head of a special helmet shield to prevent leakage of classified and other important information about this super modern "ultrakanalu", which is a P-wave channel of communication with anyone.

Of course, for a number of special structures such as intelligence and other security services, this innovation will help to easily obtain the necessary intelligence information, to know the thoughts and plans of the enemies, such as the country's president and other potential enemy is there to fantasize a lot. Once there is a lot of problems: the legal protection and responsibilities, development and protection countermeasures, as well as many others, the most important of which will always be a safety issue. So already there is a need for government control of such special equipment and people working with it, etc.

It is known that when a society reaches the necessary scientific and technological level of development of new discoveries almost simultaneously "hatch" in the different countries of the world. Who ensures that the Ukraine is the opening was the first and there are no such parallel in neighboring and other countries. After all generators of psychic energy is a "double-edged" weapons. On the one hand, we can give a strong impetus and the person will simply die of a strong shock wave, and imperceptibly, and you can spend a planned psychological aggression — imperceptibly psychoterror, carrying secret information violence against the person, bringing people to madness, because disconnect from this person alone can not (it is like night and day to listen to music that comes from the neighbors).

And who confidently say that psihogeneratory, "chastotki" has not yet been created. But a lot of people claim that clearly "hear" some inner voice that tells them to do certain illegal acts. This, in particular, by the protocols of certain court proceedings, on the facts of this or any other crime in t.ch kills, as well as statements of the accused, which, as a rule, while not paying enough attention, is notorious believing that they are linked allegedly with specific mental illnesses.

However, such an increase in cases clearly alarming. In Russia, for example, set up rehabilitation locations where people can apply to be a victim or psihozombirovaniya psihnasiliya etc.

I'm familiar with the famous Ukrainian expert in the field of bio-energy problems, a former senior research fellow at the National Research Centre for Defence Technology and Military Security of Ukraine professor of Pavlovian Igor, who is very serious about this subject, rightly believing that it is very dangerous and little-studied scientific problem . He recently shared with his wife Tatiana Jurevna published a new book, "Glossary bioenergologii", where in particular talked about the psychotronic weapons (devices operating on the human psyche with startling purpose).

A P-wave generators, and the like can be referred to this type of weapons! In this book, in particular, notes that "the term of psychotronic weapons arose relatively recently and, obviously, its origin can be associated with the creation of the International Society for Research Psychotronics formed in 1973." The first so-called generators "Torsion field" attributed to the category of psychotronic weapons, as it could affect the psyche and human health.

Also on page 66 of this book (in which there are discussion questions) in particular noted that "researchers believe that the first such generator was established in Kiev (!) Beridze-Stakhovsky, who was killed by his own invention. The same happened to a few of his followers. " Comments are unnecessary as they say.

If N. Kolpakov rights, it is possible to remove any information of biological objects, including their personal feelings, perceptions, psycho-emotional state, etc., probably can not even see into the future through the eyes of another person. For example, if a record surge of psychic energy in the form of the human response to hot drop that fell on his hand, and then forward this information on an individual P-wave channel to another person, the latter will react adequately the impact that actually happened to him, but at the same time it really is writhe artificial "pain."

That is, you can "suffer" for "that guy"! So it is possible to transform illusions as to the real feelings and sensations, but not really experiencing any! Thus, in principle it is possible to simulate anything. For example, a man may feel artificially pregnancy and childbirth, of course without them. But the feeling will be like real!

With malice can simulate various disease to another person or critical condition arising from heart attacks, strokes and other serious illnesses, including and fatal! Such potential is clearly alarming, but they should be considered to prevent.
Also, theoretically there is a possibility with the P-wave embedded in the brain of another person different reactions of animals or animal, and thus influence its behavior. Thus, the brutal aggression of the tiger can "invest" in human and animal traits he will.

PSIHOKLONIROVANIE seems like a particularly dangerous and should be banned in advance in a lawful manner.

But the worst thing that suddenly a small group of uncontrolled "owners" of bioenergy generator may attempt to exert control over a large group of people, their zombiing and resignedly, "the sheep" submission. Then it will be a kind of slavery, or rather — psihrabstva, in the form of various sects, which can be formed by any religion.

Enough, for example, to some dashing operator spetsgeneratora by telepathic channel P-wave "talk" with the victim, posing as a "god" or "angel" and people believing in "reality" of a fact, become, truly, "believe", do all that from it would require psevdovsevyshny! It can not be objected skeptic!

But, if today the representatives of certain backward tribes showcase the work of radio, TV, or VCR, the latter would find it some divine and supernatural to their level of development, which will force them to believe in anything.

So, not every modern man once believed in the possibility of equipment as reading other people's thoughts, and the possibility of telepathic communication or psychic influence on others by means of P-waves, or the like, taking it for fiction or fantasy. That is why I am writing this to let people know about the possible prospects of the use of such devices.
There is no doubt that the opening of the P-waves, it is a great discovery, but the question is, in whose hands are all the instruments of mental influence.

What is clear is that the whole subject of mental manipulation of the people should be under the strict control of the State, and any country in the world, and the international cooperation in this area is essential, especially in international law providing protection as people from all kinds of psihterrora, and criminal liability of any mental aggressors who have encroached on the lives and health of any person.

In conclusion, I will say my personal opinion on this issue, to which I have come independently analyzing a number of different facts. The main thing is that today there is every reason to believe that the pi-long wave biogeniriruyuschee weapons secretly created and used not only in Europe but throughout the world, and reveal its usual means impossible!

In this context, this The cutting theme for all of us, because As for the safety of each person!

Sergei Spiders


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