Passenger traffic ceased in three districts of Novosibirsk region

Domestic passenger traffic is completely stopped due to abnormal cold in the three districts of Novosibirsk region, in 16 districts of the movement partially suspended, according to regional government, referring to the regional Ministry of Transport.

Earlier, the representative of the Novosibirsk bus station told RIA Novosti on Friday evening due to heavy frost completely stop intercity bus passengers.

"Because of the extremely low temperatures of minus 42 to minus 47 gradusovprekrascheny transport Karasuk, Kupinsky and northern regions of the Novosibirsk region. Partially suspended movement in 16 districts of the region, where the temperature was at a critical level of minus 40," — said in a statement .

Overall, the region's transport ministry said a significant reduction in passenger traffic in abnormally cold.

"So, the Novosibirsk Metro carried 30 million passengers less than a daily average. In the regional center on the line today published 86% of buses, trolley buses 87% and 94% of trams. Issue buses on suburban routes was 85%," — said in a statement.

In oblpravitelstve reported that on Thursday, December 13 Novosibirsk bus station canceled 89 flights (48% of the targets). On Friday, the weather conditions canceled more than 110 flights (55% of the targets), including eight international and 47 interregional and intraregional 55.

At present, the region declared a storm warning because of abnormal cold down to minus 40-42 degrees.

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