Plume of steam and gas from Kamchatka volcano Tolbachik stretches for 50 km

Steam-gas emissions in the Kamchatka volcano Flat Tolbachik continue, steam plume length with gas up to 50 kilometers, according to EMERCOM in Kamchatka region.

The volcano began erupting on 27 November. In the area of the southern slope during helicopter overflights volcanologists found two fractured breakthrough emission of lava. Roar from the eruption Tolbachik in the first days of the eruption could hear the residents of nearby villages. The lava flow from the top break was more than six kilometers from the bottom — 13.6 kilometers. Periodically over Tolbachik ash column rises.

"Day on 13 December, there was a volcano Flat Tolbachik combined-cycle emissions. Height of the eruption is about three miles above sea level, the length of line — up to 50 kilometers," — said the MOE.

Cloud extends to the north-east from the volcano towards the village Keys. The distance to the village of Tolbachik is about 60 kilometers.

"Today in the town of Keys smell of hydrogen sulfide is not felt, the threat to the health and lives of the people there," — said agency.

Ash falls in the settlements have been reported.

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