Sahara desert flooded




Unusually heavy rains occurred in the Sahara, resulting in a huge sector of the Algerian desert there is a rare natural phenomenon — the flood. Two people drowned in the flooded areas of the Algerian Sahara and some were missing.

About 70 photos were taken by surprise — they are, as usual, stopped to rest in a dry river bed, which was filled with a sudden torrential flows. For their salvation army helicopters were involved, according to ITAR-TASS.

The rains have washed away large areas of roads, flooded crops. Disrupted power lines and telephone.

This winter in Algeria has stood unusually cold and abundant rainfall on. Since late February, the country has undergone an unprecedented heavy snowfall and torrential rains. Hardest-hit north-eastern coastal areas. Now it is the turn inland areas, where the Sahara stretches. The other day, 9 people were missing in the floods in Tamanrasset in 1900 km south of the capital Algiers, the heart of the Sahara.

Source newsinfo

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