Scientists are trying to find out why the Sayano-Shushenskoye reserve dying fir

Scientists State Biosphere Reserve "Sayano-Shushenskaya" in Krasnoyarsk explain the reasons for the death of fir on the area of about 100 hectares, according to the association reserves and national parks in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion.

In recent days, the inspectors of the Department of Sayano-Shushenskaya Reserve take measures for the forestry arrangement conservation area — are engaged in cleaning of trails, construction and maintenance of transitional huts (called winter camps).

"In addition to work on the improvement inspectors conduct observations, noting the animal encounters and various events that could have implications for future activities in the field of science and conservation. Thus, the inspector Andrew Sozykin in early July reported an alarming fact — the death of fir in the valley area Naked in the river about 100 hectares. reasons as yet unknown, they have to find researchers Reserve "- explain the environmentalists.

Nature Reserve "Sayano-Shushenskaya" is located in the center of the Western Sayan and Altai-Sayan mountain country in Shushenskoye Ermakov and districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. This unique natural complex was established on 17 March 1976, in order to maintain the population of sable and study the effects of the Sayano-Shushenskaya reservoir of natural ecosystems. Natural complexes of the territory remained intact: the rivers, mountain lakes, alpine meadows and cedar taiga zone. Reserve of the Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1985. Its area — 390.4 thousand hectares buffer zone — 1.062 square kilometers.

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