Secrets of Freemasonry. Grand Lodge of Latvia




Most secret and closed society opened the door to the scope of activity in our country is not a secret about the Masons we know little. But it is especially bad that even the existing knowledge is a terrible mixture of half-truths and fabrications with blatant lie. The Telegraph tried to raise the curtain on this mysterious, little-known and controversial topic

Especially that there was a reason. This two exhibitions telling about the activities of Masons in Latvia: in the Column Hall of the Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation — "Freemasonry:" for "and" against "(until 2 October), and the National Library — Exhibition of books on Freemasonry (April 2) .

If a person wants to find an answer to the question of what Freemasonry is, at these shows him he is likely to find it. But spend a lot of time. With a knowledgeable person to do it easier. My Virgil in the world has agreed to become Masons Andris Rugens, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Latvia.

Know thyself
— So, the Masons decided to lift the curtain on its activities. What do you pushed for it?
— First, the times now are — open. Secondly, we have created Grand Lodge of Latvia. For the first time in the history of the country. Created it two years ago on the basis of three lodges that already existed in Latvia. By the two-year anniversary we were invited to show off, to hold a conference in the Forum masonicum Balticum. But given the impending municipal elections, we were afraid that there will necessarily bogey "damned Judeo-Masonry", cried out that, say, the Masons elect a new mayor of Riga, and consider what to do with the Lembergs and Boyars. One need not be a prophet to understand that. So we decided to tell the public about the Masons, but from the standpoint of cultural. After all, in Latvia has never been an objective information about us. We gave her.

By the way

The word "Freemason" is translated from the English and French for "mason" and the definition of "franc" — "free mason". It is known from the XIII century. The symbols of Freemasonry became a mason tools: trowel, plumb line, compass, set square.

— For such as yours, secretly-closed society, and it is quite a lot.
— The fact that the secretive Freemasons, fault society that does not want to delve into this issue, find out what kind of people. In this issue, a lot of political speculation. But I do not really agree with the mystery, which belongs to the Masons. Freemasonry because, first of all, is not a secret society, and the private. Become a member of the Masonic Lodge at the invitation can be (need two recommendations), corresponding to a specific personal requirements. This is a legal organization. The Mystery of Freemasonry is that they do not allow strangers to the ritual of the meeting. This mystery is associated with the psychology of people. More than anything else. It's not bloody, is thought to be a ritual, there is no sacrifice of children. It is only intended for internal human experience. The central motto of Freemasonry — "Know thyself."
And the fact that the Masons still did not advertise itself, there are two reasons: first — these organizations will never be massive, as trade unions, for example. It is the way of man to himself. One is through to his religion, the other — after a certain ideology, the third — through social activities. Freemasonry — one of the many ways. Of course, such things are not replicated en masse. Yoga, too, will never be mass-produced. One can argue brilliantly as she is healthy, but either way it will deal with a limited number of people.
The second reason — a definite negative public opinion about the Masons. On which it is based, is another matter, but so many people are afraid to open up and say, "Yes, I freemason", suddenly a wry look at work in the newspaper will register … It is difficult to convince people
— So you finally told explained. And now the people tumble down to you …
— Yes, we did not set goals to entice us mass. Masons still a closed society. But I can say that after the conference and exhibition of the 10 people I know say, "Hmm, we should think." Okay, let them think.

Masons were:

Arthur Conan Doyle, Napoleon Bonaparte, Rudyard Kipling, Johann Goethe ("Faust", in fact, the philosophy of the Masons), Mark Twain, Simon Bolivar, Walter Scott, Winston Churchill, Duke Ellington, Kemal Ataturk, Rabindranath Tagore, Jawaharlal Nehru, Oscar Wilde Admiral Nelson, Alexander Dumas, Victor Hugo, philosophers — Lessing, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Rousseau, Kant.

Vaclav Havel, Jacques Chirac — Masons of today.

On the hidden influence on the political life
— Many people believe that the Masons want to rule the world. Attributed to them by every conceivable sin.
— This is just shows that people do not know what they are talking about. Some of my friends even yoga believe devilish thing. If the person does not know the fact, will see how to perform tantric rituals, then he may get the very unfavorable impression. It is the same with Freemasonry: people do not even know what it is. The slogan of the Great Lodge — "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." When I was received into Freemasonry and put on a cylinder head, they said, it is a symbol of a free man, and I do not have to take it off before either man in the world, only to God. Because all men are equal.
— And what about the infamous hidden influence of Masons in the political process?
— This question is difficult to answer unequivocally. In fact Freemasonry came indeed in many ways people have realized themselves, but continue to look for answers to global issues — the meaning of life, existence and death. As a consequence, produces certain — negative — the attitude toward tyranny. But the protest was not because the man was in the bed, so that the man felt a moral obligation to stand up for the weak to stand up against the tyrant. Therefore, many Masons were indeed linked to politics, revolutionary ideology, became national heroes. Danton in France, José Martí, Cuba (Masonry there has never been banned), Giuseppe Garibaldi in Italy, Simon Bolivar in South America, Lajos Kossuth in Hungary, Tadeusz Kosciuszko in Poland, Russia Boris Savinkov and Alexander Kerensky.
100 people — roughly the number of masons are available in Latvia. In total, according to the Masons themselves, in this secret organization composed of about 6 million people.

Interview in the interior
A large part of our conversation with Andris Rugens held at the Museum of the History of Riga against the Masonic paraphernalia, in a setting as possible resembling the Temple Masons. The columns, the altar, podium with a chair and a great master of the lodge nadzornikov his assistants, three candlestick … Another would be a special carpet on the floor so the starry sky above, would have been a complete illusion of the temple. But this is no. On the walls — stands with Masonic rarities and exclusive exhibits (one document with the signature of Cagliostro is worth!), Sketches Mstislav Dobuzhinskiy delivered to the National Opera "The Magic Flute" by Mozart, and a mural on the wall at all it looks "prescribed" here permanently with XIX century, Peter the Great. They say he was a Freemason …
In the words of Rugens I know that Freemasonry has come to Latvia in 1750. The first box, it was called the "North Star", was on the street. Pejtavas, 9/11. This house is still there. Total in the country to this day there were 32 lodges. Today, there are three plus one Grand Lodge yes official Masonic society. Masons were the Germans who lived in Riga Garlib Merkel (the first translator of the Bible into Latvian) and taught at the School of the Cathedral Enlightenment philosopher Gottfried Herder. Latvia has been a Mason-President (Zemgals), and three Ministers of Foreign Affairs (Viļums, Zarins, Munters). There was, at last, and the prohibition of Freemasonry Karlis Ulmanis …
But women? ..
— The burning question is why in the Masonic lodges are no women?
— Historically. After all, one of the sources of Freemasonry is the Order of the Temple (the same Templars). And among the knights were no women. As, however, and among the Freemasons, who are another integral part of Freemasonry. Although nowadays there are women's lodge, there is even a great female boxes. They, however, do not recognize in England, the traditional stronghold of Freemasonry, considering such irregular lodges. There are also mixed lodges. In the United States and France. But it is possible that the first mixed in a box formed Mitava (now Jelgava) the same Alessandro Cagliostro, who worked for her rite of the 99 steps …

"Fraternal" embrace
Like all mankind, the inhabitants of Latvia can be divided into two categories: those who believe in a hypothetical conspiracy of Freemasons, and those who think they talk about the omnipotence of absolute nonsense. About two years ago, it so happened that the first point of view has been a weighty reinforcements. LNT television channel in one of his broadcasts talked about that, he says, Latvia since 1995, governs secret society, which includes influential politicians, bankers and bureaucrats. The principles of organization and operation of the organization allegedly quite Masonic, but they unite themselves still not in the box, but something more modest called "brotherhood."
In it, according to the information available to the channel, included such prominent politicians as Andris Skele, Edmund Krastinsh, Gundars Berzins, former director of the Privatisation Agency Janis Naglis, former Secretary of State of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Andris staris, Andris Grutups lawyer, banker Inesis Feiferis, MP (then) the Riga Duma Oleg Batarevsky, the leaders of the consumer society Turiba Ivar Strautiņš and Atis Sausnitis, representatives of some NGOs. Usually meetings "brothers" are secret. One of them held in the old Jaunmoku castle has been fixed. At the disposal of LNT record meeting argued that the Latvian "neomasony" solve important public issues, seeking to introduce them to the people loyal to key positions in institutions of all branches of government.
Interestingly, the refutation of the "secret rulers" of Latvia after that was not followed, as mentioned in the transfer of a person to meet with journalists and talk "for the Masons," refused. The then Prime Minister Andris Berzins (who, according to Aivars Lembergs, is also in this "brotherhood"), through its spokesperson said that "unaware" of the existence of such an organization.

Lembergs and Masons
Ventspils Mayor mentioned here is not accidental. It is in this story the person interested. The program Lembergs has clearly stated that being said — "one hundred percent true," and that he was invited to join the Masons, specifically the so-called "group Grutupsa." But he refused. According to Lemberg, the power of influence "of Grutupsa", which has existed since 1992, and her voice is the editor in chief of the newspaper Diena Sarmīte S.ēlerte, confirm, in particular, the "eternal victory Grutupsa in court, the indispensability Naglis, impunity Skele, amazing stability Krastinsha" . Andris Berzins, according to Lemberg, implicitly perform all the data it secret community order. No serious government decision is made without the knowledge of the Masons, assured then mayor of Ventspils.

Semisecret past president
And one more like a sensation. About her at the time the newspaper reported Vakara Zinas. It turns out that the President of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga had once been among the supporters semisecret Rosicrucian Order. And, as the newspaper writes, "experts Masonic affairs believe that is why it has a fairly free access to the U.S. president and the leaders of other countries."
— At first I was, and then my husband Imants, and eventually the daughter of Indra involved in the activities of the Order of the Cross Roses (Rosicrucians), began to follow his program with meditations and exercises. Still, throughout his adult life, I parallel scientific work was a practicing mystic — a man who develops a mysticism is not as intelligent direction, and as a practice, which is focused on training the state of consciousness, exercise, develop intuition. For a while I was in the Martinist Order (too close to the Masons. — Ed.), And later studied yoga — told about herself, Vaira Vike-Freiberga in 1993. Then, however, it was not possible to find out whether the head of the state and community liaison mystics involved, take part in their secret rituals. On this question, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, the newspaper simply does not respond.
In the Middle Ages, the Rosicrucians were the present order, but later it was destroyed and reborn (in the XIX century) in the form of a community of mystics. Today, the Order of the Rosicrucians are not directly related to the Masons. It is completely independent. By the way, the alchemists of the Middle Ages mainly Rosicrucians. To the question, did not show whether Vaira Vike-Freiberga of Latvia interest in the Masons, Andris Rugens replied: "What can she have to do? We can invite her as the country's president to the banquet, but do not take the box."

Music for the Lodge

The largest of the XVIII century composers George Frideric Handel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Joseph Haydn, Luigi Cherubini, the emperor Frederick the Great (yes, yes!) Left a number of products designed specifically for the execution of the boxes. Especially significant contribution Mozart. His "The Magic Flute", written for the Viennese lodge "Mercy", in which he was a member — a sort of hymn to the Masons and remains to date one of the most scenic of the world opera repertoire. Composers Masons — it's all another story. Add to the above the Ludwig van Beethoven, Camille Saint-Saens, Liszt, Gounod, Giacomo Puccini, Jean Sibelius (he was Grand Master of the Finnish lodges), Sergei Rachmaninoff and get the (far from complete) list of the people who labored in the field of music.

George Shabalin