Sons go into battle?

Sons go into battle?

We have every day litsezreem them. Our children. What can you say about them? There have been various definitions of "lost generation", "generation without a soul", "generation cattle", etc.. Much has been said in the various programs and publications, competent people on this topic. Subject remained. We have a lot of talk about the zombiing young people about what awaits the country in the future. All is well aware that anything decent. Grows completely indifferent generation for whom the essence is the only real benefit.

The real benefit — That's good. This is a smallest, but all the same purpose. But the merits of this goal are not many. There poluelitarny the middle class and young people — all secured from the birth of its own young people and girls. Unfettered in the media, using and owning all the real benefits that are able to provide. But will it's not about them.

Will talk about those who will never be in the dark 20 years "Lexus". Who would not be able to cross the threshold of a night club without a few hundred dollars in rubles. To whom exactly prepared for the role of the elite personnel in the future.

Envy — Not the best out of human emotions. Exactly. The question is, what causes envy in our time. Watching today's youth seem to be "inside", I have concluded that there are two directions.

First, and, unfortunately, often occurring, this is the way to a state of stupor. Motto: "Do not bother, for us all decide." Attribute — polutoralitrovye container of beer. Segodnyaschy reality begets a grayish mass, in which the head is driven in one thing: the need to work. We need to work so that no matter what was no more time. Especially on razdumyvaniya sorts. 10-12-hour working day becomes the norm. Yes, not every day (there is: a day in one day, a day after two, and so on). And to what end all this lead? As at the end of the service tunnel? Unlikely to reveal the secret that the post of chief malehankih and holiday in Turkey or Egypt. If the post, God bless her, but Turkey or Egypt — it all means. This is the attribute of success.

After hearing multiple expressions on the subject, I kind of just broke. I wanted to find out what may still be a way to lure these, to put it mildly, the history and culture of the poor countries. Reply killed, "Well there is" all inclusive ". Everything. Discard the water. Arrived. Year plow just as wretched in order to two weeks to feel what? Yes caliph or Pharaoh. In the middle of the same, as you yourself. In other words, the attendants. The servants, in short.

I tried to give other examples. Said (very soft-spoken) on roses in the snow in Amsterdam on 3 tyschah bridges, on a snow-white datura chestnuts Montmartre, about how the morning sun rises over the towers of Prague's Vltava River through the fog. Listened enthusiastically. But went there, where everything is included. Tradition.

They poisoned. Poison everything included. Faceless photo of faceless hotels. Signs of success, which is not in the blood. In the brain. And with that you need to wage war.

2nd — The smallest, but the worst. They are the ones who do not shine, neither Turkey nor Egypt. Which by virtue of the origin and destiny of education is not to become assistant deputy general manager or supervisors. And the color is not gray. It's dark.

A holy place is never left empty at all times. Our time is no exception. Were before, and are now the ones who will be able to reach the remains of the mind good speeches in the style of "Yes, you did not appreciate. You — the only and unique, you just do not know yet who povinet in it. " And explain. Verbally. On the fingers. On batons and knives. They call themselves the right. They believe that the truth is on their side. They firmly know how to equip Russia and who povinet in the current state of affairs. Their hatred is possible to heat the town. And we also know them in person. And with that, too, need to wage war.

They are our children. The kids of our time, kids own generation or generations. But they are ours. Bye. Deprived of standards, lacking true purpose, devoid of even an ordinary communication. They are simply trying to survive at any cost, they just want to live. No worse than others, better than anyone else … whatever.

Here's someone decided:
"After us — the deluge"
As in the gulf, stepped out of the trench,
And I'm left to their own trench,
That was not quite the flood.

I do not want to flood. Therefore appeal to those who can still leave the trench own personal being. It's time. Yet it is too late. We — not the dumbest generation (and often clever) people. We are able to appreciate not only the material side of life. We are able to learn how to and how not to. We know and can do almost everything. But we also squeezed in this life, just plow or work, we have also not much time left for those who leave. For our children. And we also throw in the furnace of life.

We are used to asking. Reports on the success or troubles, edification and censure. But because each of us going and we are not assuming there is someone to ask. And in the school and in college, and at work. And everyone is asking. Require from time to time to obscure their actions based on their own worldview.

And then we wonder why more authoritative web and social networks are more important.

Maybe it was just it's time to change something?

Maybe it makes sense to break out of the chain and asking to be responsible?

Just be a friend. Many fail to make an objection to say that they are specifically and such. You just need to more. Most of those who will be able to show by word and deed, what is the real goal.

The sons and daughters go off to battle. In the battle for his life. I just really do not want to be with them on different sides of the barricades.

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