Sorcerer ordered?




In Vladivostok, on March 16 in his apartment building shot one of Vladivostok psychics

Alexander Pozharskaya

The incident became known operatives within a few minutes after the attack: on the street Kariernaya received a disturbing message.

A resident of the house came into the dark entrance at about 19.15. Do not have time to get to the elevator, as the shot was fired. She heard the sound of a falling body and rapidly retreating footsteps. Fleeing frightened woman could not see, but lay on the floor of her neighbor, Anatoly.

Called the police found at the scene shot and sawed-off hunting rifle. Ambulance patient hospitalized with a wound to the thigh. He is now in intensive care. And it has not even allowed law enforcement officers. According to some reports, a bullet fired from a hunting shotgun, stuck in his buttock.

From this shot shotgun in a psychic
…Thirty-three victim is involved, as it should be a magician, all sorts of paranormal things. In the world called him a psychic, and many of the neighbors had heard about his abilities. But very popular among the local population did not use the wizard. They say he was shunned even dogs.

If a dangerous hobby becomes a business out of trouble no one is safe. Among the members of law enforcement were rumors that the black magician could take revenge on a former client. So what is he there she foretold, is unknown. Not ruled out the option of redistribution of business — matter a psychic recently were not as good as before.

While still conscious, black mage could say that he knows who shot him! Well, no wonder — the psychic after all.


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