Superkaski for the U.S. Army

Superkaski for the U.S. ArmyPentagon came to end with a step of testing the latest generation of helmets for the U.S. Army. The test helmet capable of stopping the machine-gun bullet of 7.62 mm. The final step of checking the reliability of bullet-proof helmet is scheduled for December, representatives of the Ministry of Defense said this to reporters.

According to them, in case the results are found to be successful, superkaskami units will be supplied already from April next year. Army U.S. purchase of 200 thousand of such helmets. In the Marine Corps will go 38.5 thousand new helmets, and in the Navy — 6.7 thousand

Work on the helmet of the last generation — the cellophane manufactured from ultra-high molecular weight — was launched in 2009 At the moment the U.S. Army helmets are made of composite materials or metal, they can only protect against bullets fired from a gun or grenade fragments, soaring tangentially.

As previously said Brigadier General P. Fuller, chief military outfitter, the price of a modern fighter combat equipment is more than 18 thousand dollars.

According to him, over the past 10 years, the cost of it, so how to equip a fighter, have doubled. According to the views of the general, this amount could eventually be 70-80 thousand dollars, and if the U.S. is willing to achieve "dominance" of their own troops on the battlefield, this amount would have to expend.

At the current time in the South American fighter outfit will certainly include body armor and helmet, safety goggles, fire form, including boots and gloves, night vision device, laser designator. As a fighter outfit comes more than 80 items, the total mass of about 34 kg. For example, the price of a night vision device is 3500 dollars, and an automatic rifle M-4 — 1300 bucks.

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