T-72 in the war in Syria

T-72 in the war in Syria

As well one can see, have not hit the tower (near the turret), and approximately the upper left corner of the rear plate.

It is quite easy to read as a shot RPG-29 "Ghoul". Silhouette is very typical, is not it evident of favorites tandem shaped charge warhead. This is not just harsh, and very stern stuff! Recall that in the middle of the 2000s, "Ghouls' very successfully used by Iraqi insurgents against American invaders.

We do not understand what went on, how to further develop the action. Perhaps the operator terrorist operatives, together with his band of murderers had very rapidly on the lam from the place of the crime. We do not know what has become of our hero. Burns are a tricky thing — a deadly finish may not come immediately, and after 4-6 days. But let's hope that the unnamed gunner T-72 strong man that fortune will continue to favor the hero and he will be able vybratsya.Pozhelaem him survive …

Martial acts in Syrian cities, again demonstrate the need for the troops fire support vehicles, with tank level of protection, but improved sighting and observation skills and massive effective automatic cannons with 45-57mm elevation angles of 70-80 degrees. In a subsequent video from Syria is clearly seen that the angle of elevation of tank guns is not enough to defeat the terrorists holed up at high levels. Just not enough power 125mm tank FFS to 1-2 shots ruin such a house.

Now the T-72 was hit RPG in a tower (with full metal armor) and remained boesposoben.

After the first hit RPG tank continues to stand still under fire from small arms mnogokalibernogo guns. After that starts and begins to carefully maneuver back and forth. Pulled back a little bit back tank stops again and catches the second grenade RPG. Now hit the front of the body Intermedia rinks. The shooter apparently wants to set fire to or tank (because there are tanks) or immobilize him killing the driver. Yet there is no fire and mehvody remains alive. Tank turns the tower, holding some kind of goal in sight, begins to move, turns and walks back.

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