The birds could have died in the Orenburg region of dumping chemicals in the factory

Mass death of birds around the reservoir in slurry pits of "South-Ural cryolite plant" in Kuvandyk (Orenburg region) could have come from a chemical release agent, said Wednesday at the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Orenburg region.

In the area of slurry pits November 5 along the shoreline of the reservoir were found dead 168 white-fronted geese, nine swans and one duck. Experts during the inspection of the water samples and carcasses of dead birds to determine the cause of mass death, and revealed a large concentration of industrial waste all around the southern and eastern parts of slurry pits.

"According to preliminary data of the cause of mass deaths of birds was dumping chemical reagent. This fact was hidden by employees of the company. Some carcasses prikopat land and waste production," — said the representative of the regional Rosselkhoznadzor.

SU IC investigators and staff of the regional prosecutor's office are checking on the fact of mass death of birds around the pond. Laboratory studies conducted in IL FSBI "Orenburg Rosselkhoznadzor Reference Center."

"At the moment the bird flu virus in the delivered patmateriale not detected, conducted toxicological studies," — he added.

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