The fate of the project A77 Harpoon

The fate of the project A77 "Harpoon"

The fate of the project A77 "Harpoon"

The existing border fleet leading global powers, as experience has shown, it is very inefficient to operate in the real storm against the criteria of small and fast maneuvering targets. The efficiency is obtained by the interaction of the boundary of the fleet and shore-based helicopters. Highly specialized vessels for the fight against terrorism must do the following tasks:
— release of the captured ships:
— Shipping underwater assault team,
— overwater landing of the assault team,
— cover for assault teams,
— victim assistance,
— escorting the captured ships, terrorist base.
— patrolling the area of responsibility in order to prevent terrorist operations at sea;
— suppression of delivery of contraband goods;
— suppression delivery of illegal immigrants.

On the basis of these problems can be identified the following requirements:
— small acceleration to full speed,
— small time reversal with full front to full speed astern,
— the highest rate of reversing
— pouring and splashing small upper deck,
— the possibility of placing the assault teams and special equipment
— convenience acts underwater and surface assault teams from the ship,
— easy operation of the ship.

More promising is project A-77 "Harpoon" developed "Agat Design Bureau" and was built at the Vyborg Shipyard, tests 2003-2004. In parallel, in the pool FSUE TsAGI tests were conducted several generations of models to test the unique design methods and the results of an electrical simulation of the dynamics of movement, aimed at optimizing the complex hydrodynamic planing type, including the geometry of the body, and the characteristics of the jet control laws stabilization of the angular coordinate model when driving at a constant the excitement of this intensity.

It should highlight the following local technologies that will improve the performance characteristics of the boat and its effectiveness, including:
— the geometry of the body, providing the best combination of characteristics of seaworthiness, maneuverability and persistence;
-control system to maintain the laws of rational and moderate side trim and pitching;
— with high-pressure water jet pump and a water inlet, a geometry which ensures maximum efficiency of the propeller in a wide range of boat speed;
— optimization system centering on the length of the boat;
— a number of design solutions aimed at lowering the boat unladen weight, increased life of individual units, and improve turnaround time boats in operation.

Based on the foregoing, there is a proposal for the creation of capacity in a single package, deeply unifying the complete set of cross-project, project, technical and technological solutions, 2-craft projects A77-4, A77-5 with the features set out in the table below in which to compare and A77 shows the performance characteristics of the project "Harpoon".

The fate of the project A77 "Harpoon"
The fate of the project A77 "Harpoon"

The fate of the project A77 "Harpoon"

Comparison of the features of boats indicates that the prospect A77-4, A77-5 is much superior to the A77 on the agile and inertial features, cruising range, autonomy, and own the infrastructure, necessary to perform the tasks listed above.

TTX A77 "Harpoon" and its modifications

The fate of the project A77 "Harpoon"

Additionally, you can say that to control this boat has developed a unique system automation, which carries the following features:

Automatic control of the lifting force of the bottom on plane with the help of spoilers:

-providing a low-resistance for the transitional regime (planing);
-ensuring maximum hydrodynamic properties by controlling the angle of attack regardless of the planing speed;
-Stabilization of body tilt and trim, including the impact of the waves;
-tilt control on the turn;
-formation of warning about the tilt limits and trim, team building on the critical braking ship tilted at an unsafe or trim.

Control the magnitude and direction of thrust waterjets in different modes:
-synchronous tracking control nozzles water cannons, valves and reversing engines turns of the steering wheel and the handle to the control cabin;
-automated control of the direction and magnitude of traction when maneuvering at low speeds. In this mode, the skipper sets the desired direction of travel with the handle, joystick, and the required speed turn — using the steering wheel. The automation system calculates job nozzle flaps and reverse speed engines needed for movement in the given direction, including the lateral movement of the vessel;
-automated control nozzles water cannon mode of stabilization of the course.

Management technical equipment of the vessel:
-displays the status of hatches and doors, remote management ventilated compartments;
-check the amounts of fuel and fresh water tanks;
-displays the status of the power supply, remote control of the generator circuit breaker;
-hydraulic system status display, remote control hydraulic pumps;
-signaling the presence of water in the compartments.
This project is the high-speed ship in the world in its class. Only to the chagrin of the NATO countries displayed a more enthusiastic and willing to have the orders in contrast to the Russian security services. For a very inexplicably FSB refused admission into service of the boats, and now it will remain at 3 units and one model in the shop window

For own needs of the Russian Federation "Agat Design Bureau" has developed another boat project A125 "Arro
w". A very lightweight copy 77-4 "Harpoon"
Boat Special purpose A125M

The fate of the project A77 "Harpoon"

And the launch of a special purpose Ave A125-1

The fate of the project A77 "Harpoon"

-Patrolling and protection of state borders and customs,
-involved in search and rescue operations,
-interception and detention of intruders,
-customs control,
-protection of marine ports and coastal engineering structures.
TTX project A125 and A125-1

The fate of the project A77 "Harpoon"

Total issued:
PrA125 "Valentin Chuikin» № 800, CFS postscript, launching year 2004 — 1pc
Ex A125-1 number 801 on the tests (for earlier Kaliningrad FCS), launching year navodu2008-1pc

Perhaps it is time to reflect on the means by which we protect our borders or real boats modelka.

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