Them for years, but they are unique!

And how much you want to live? 70-80, maybe 100 years? And what would you like to do after say 70? I too do not know, but there is people who stepped over the threshold of retirement to set world records and know how to surprise! I ask in the article …

60 year old Fred Newman 45 minutes set a world record thrown at 3 points (basketball). 209 times!

Chandra Bahadur Dangi — The smallest man in the world (an increase of 56 inches) Hit the Guinness Book of Records. Besides it '72!

The oldest person to participate on an equal footing with the young in the marathon, became a Briton of Indian origin Fauja Singh 74 years years old!

In '91 polutoratonnuyu car to move teeth!

July 4, 2012 in New York City during the celebration of U.S. Independence Day 91-year veteran of the Second World Mike Greenstein, to the astonishment of passers-by, easily moved from place super-heavy vehicle.

In front of hundreds of people in the center of Manhattan Greenstein, nicknamed Mike — Steel Jaw, took the chain in his mouth, tied to a car brand Buick in 2006 weighing 1.6 tons, and hands-free car moved a few meters.
Set Record elderly man did not stop even bad weather: the day in the "Big Apple" was pouring rain.

— You will not believe this, but I feel 44 years — admitted the champion. — I do not intend to stop there.

According to Mike himself, for his outstanding physique and phenomenal health, he is obliged to genes: his father was a professional athlete. According to the veteran, in the near future, he plans to achieve even more impressive results.

Who told you that the people involved in Bodybuilding weak health?
Please selection:
They were all over 70, and they do not stop trenerovat!

'72 Beauty — Fitness!

Jim Shaffer '71!

Paul Stone 76 years!

113 year old martial artist! And he still teaches!

I will continue this list some other time. The fastest dedicate it exclusively beautiful half of humanity — women (F).


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