U.S. conduct military exercises against their NATO ally

U.S. conduct military exercises against their NATO allyThe newspaper "Novye Izvestia" Naval and air forces Israel, Greece, with the role of 6 Fleet of the U.S. Navy conducted large-scale exercises in the Mediterranean Sea codenamed NobleDina. The "conditional enemy" against whom practiced joint actions, in a scenario exercise is named and explicitly — is Turkey, a country, a member of NATO. During the maneuvers, Navy and Air Force do puzzles to protect gas fields in the Mediterranean Sea from the attack submarine. All that simulates the likely confrontation in the conflict zone that is associated with the development of gas reservoir near the banks Cyprus, claims for which the Turks have announced.

The active area of the exercise — the southern tip of Cyprus, and Israel's territorial waters on the beam at Haifa port. In addition, in the area of the maneuvers was offshore island of Crete, contested by Ankara and uninhabited islands and Imiya Kardag, located 10 km from the border with Turkey. The exercise scenario on the gas fields on the continental shelf Cyprus — Drilling platforms and pipelines, the outlet gas in storage — Turkish attack submarines, fighter jets or unmanned aircraft. Reflection attacks take on the Greek destroyer and submarine boat, combat aircraft and helicopters. Air force Israel work out the strategy to protect offshore facilities and ground infrastructure of missile and torpedo attacks from submarines and aerial combat with enemy aircraft.

Teachings NobleDina have specific substitution of a similar maneuvers ReliantMermaid, which until 2009 was conducted army of Israel and Turkey with the participation of the United States. Israeli-Turkish strategic partnership was broken in almost all due to the position of Ankara. The first time, Israel and Greece have held joint exercises in the previous year. But at the moment of their scale and timing of the extended. According disk imaging Greek website Defencenet.gr, part of learning tasks performed in a particular vicinity of the Turkish coast. Teachings nepoprostu named NobleDina. Apparently, this is a clear allusion to the NobleEnergy — South American oil and gas production company operating in the coastal shelf of Israel and Cyprus, including in the field of the disputed area. Headquartered in Houston NobleEnergy. The company has operations in the United States, China, Ecuador, Israel, the North Sea and West Africa.

It should be noted that in the three years since Turkey initiated the course to break relations, Israel has established active cooperation with Greece, Cyprus and the Balkan countries, including in the security field. In the middle of the rest of Israel and Cyprus signed an agreement to ensure the security of gas fields in the exclusive economic waters 2-states, a number of agreements on cooperation in this field with Greece.

According to a senior fellow at the Center of Euro-Atlantic Security Institute international research MGIMO Julia Kudryashov, exercise will not lead to a sharp deterioration of relations between the Turks and their allies NATO. She notes that U.S. interests in Syria and Turkey are the same: both of these countries support the local opposition. Ankara will not conflict with Israel, but really the deterioration of Turkish-Israeli relations in almost all explained in a dispute over oil fields in the area of Cyprus. "Turkey at the moment is quite active on the Syrian track. Aggravation in the "second front" she does not need ", — the expert said" NO ". In general, the lack of an immediate negative reaction of Ankara does not mean that the exercise will not have long-term consequences for the relations between Turkey and NATO.

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