United States — a rotten wood

United States seem to people "immutable and powerful," their military expenditures and army inspire awe. Large town, a powerful industry, the ability to print virtually global currency. The position of the only superpower and "the world's policeman."

United States - a "rotten wood"

But if look at their residents superpower, at least for the vast majority of them, it becomes clear that this is large "Bubble". Even the U.S. military campaign — it's not the victory in the fierce battles, so always run-Soviet Russia or Germany, it's mayhem advance more feeble enemies — the natives, inferior in number and armament; decrepit colonial empires that no longer had the ability to defend the colony, and this operation bribery, murder of politicians, the military, it is a psychological pressure and Information war, when the enemy can fight, but gives up.

For the creation of the kind of "military superpower" involved large forces — the media, TV, Hollywood. Analyze their films, the same fiction, the U.S. military is always perfectly armed and trained to always find the right solutions, always overcome. But in reality, their fighters have long not warriors, not soldiers. They and to the cultural revolution of the 60's were quite weak militarily — to the First World States was in the 2nd row of military powers. When arrived at the front, they tried to put on the secondary sites or in the second strip. During WWII they did not have to experience the real battles like Stalingrad or withstand attack on the Kursk, such contractions that involve the hundreds of thousands of soldiers, thousands of tanks and aircraft. Even a blow to the Ardennes, where the Wehrmacht struck already, at best, half-heartedly, because they do not have enough reserve fuel for tanks, from the East were advancing Russian troops, almost led the Anglo-Saxons to disaster.

But then the Americans were still others — peasant farmers, workers, people of creative professions, not spoiled for decades reinforced decomposition.

At the same time, the true Yankees actually destroyed (well, everywhere in the West, in Russia, too, the system introduced) male parenting, turned men into "plants", for which there is "freedom" to choose the path of degradation: Satanism, sodomy, masochism, shopping , beer drunkenness, telezavisimost, strip bars (that at least look at the body of a woman, after all round victory of feminism), etc etc. They are pampered, accustomed to comfort, so that even in the army Give them composting toilets, deodorants, web, juicy grub.

They are brought up in a spirit of selfishness, individualism, their commandment: "Take care of my ass", "Take care of health." Because they just are not able to withstand a real war. That's why the South American army — This is a big and expensive "toy", she said in her view of brave Marines carriers should scare the enemy so that he himself threw a snow-white flag, plus the CIA will work, who should buy it. The same U.S. Marines to train well, but the well-fed, trained, well-armed guys are not ready to breathe! And overpowered always the one who is willing to pay the highest price — to die, but to overcome. This cost always were willing to pay Russian — to die, but do not go away.

It is not clear that South American, well, almost everything evroarmii can sustain the level of loss greater than 5%, in other words, let's say, if you knock of 100 NATO aircraft in a raid 5 cars, and even hang the captured pilots in the area, without any bastard other people's rules of humanity (which was invented to fit us into his game), others just will not fly, terrified for their expensive ass. This is perfectly demonstrated in his series of "Russian go" fascinating Russian writer Yuri Nikitin.

That's why Russian army will be reformed until such time as it fails to cause little harm even NATO, so they just went in and took the area without resistance.

Just a few disasters in the United States (New-york without electricity, the tragedy in a new Orleans) have shown that they do not like before the people, the unity of all, their patriotism — it bubbles. Everything rests on the unity of the Fed's printing press, the police on the streets and running, "zomboyaschika" if it will not be a tragedy. U.S. rot and fall into at least some moment — is displayed and actions 11 September 2001: just two skyscrapers fell, killing several thousand people for a superpower with 300 million. population is not even a pinprick. But people are a hundred percent demoralized embraced animal panic. Do they not have the Spirit …

Look how perish Russian: they measured, many even enlightened, their spirit is awakened; natural processes of decomposition started and rigor in our land. But thousands of years of ancestral memory does not kill …

United States - a "rotten wood"

U.S. not ready for the real war, they absolutely demoralized even before the war, Russian … not necessarily create large arsenals of weapons to defeat, rather keep them on the little right level and be prepared to respond to the full program there. Remember the footage as a small Russian ship (SKR 1135 etc. "whole-hearted") displaces a large south american (URO cruiser "Yorktown"), who dared to enter our territorial waters? Russian Spirit gives invincibility when Russian can be destroyed but can not be beat …

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