With secret Bigfoot came violently




Alexander Trifonov

"I felt wild, chilling fear … Do not hesitate, do not try to understand, to comprehend what it is, I'm struggling swam to shore. But the monster swam faster and more concerned with the gleeful shrieks of my neck, back and legs." , Described his unexpected encounter with "Bigfoot" classic Russian literature — Ivan Turgenev. To be precise, who was hunting in a remote corner of the writer met Polessye "disgusting troglodyte" female "with a wrinkled face and a grimace huge breasts hanging down." Incredibly strong "trogloditsha" frightened to death even pursued a classic, as he clambered ashore, took to their heels. Only came to the rescue in time to the help shepherd boy was able to drive off the hard-bitten "snowman" by Turgenev stick. This incident is so impressed with the writer, that many years later, he was able to present it in all its details by Guy de Maupassant, who left a description of the case with a friend Turgenev in his memoirs.

What today is called "Bigfoot" (Bigfoot, Yeti), appeared in the press in 1954, when the expedition of reporters from the newspaper Daily Mail went to the Himalayas. The natives called shaggy humanoid something on the legends appearing sometimes in the mountain passes, "disgusting Bigfoot." Enterprising English translated term, rejecting, however, the hard-hitting Tibetan epithet.

Since then, the supporters of the existence of "snow men", according to them, a critical mass of evidence allows us to state — it exists! The first number of arguments in favor of the reality of Kuomintang, as it is called, researchers "snowmen" — hominology are numerous eyewitness accounts, more or less similar to a walking descriptions of the phenomenon. On the other hand, hominology repeatedly noted that the "snow people" are very careful and see them well, very hard.

In addition to testimony hunters Guomin already have collected a collection of hair and feces, and even the whole leg. Again according hominology, DNA analysis of hair showed that they belong to an unknown primate science, and the most representative samples of feces, as said in the Russian gominologichesky site, carefully documented. The archive hominology — some photos Kuomintang and one 960-frame film shot by Roger Patterson, an American in 1967. It completely covered with hair the subject of large size and weight of the walks along the American forest. All sorts of experts (criminologists, zoologists) has not yet been able to identify the subject of the film, but, like, any of the known species of primates, it is not similar.

Official science until recently lazily waved from pesky enthusiasts with their unknown primates. Relict specimens of modern human ancestors — Australopithecus, Neanderthal and other synanthropes, according to biologists, to live up to our own times just could not. For the existence of a population of highly organized beings need, whatever the number was quite large, as well as "snowmen" in the afternoon with fire you will not find another like him, the chances of their endowment, and there can not be. And the existence of some kind of parallel evolved along with man primate species — and at the area of non-science fiction.

Often, "yeti" is compared with the characters of traditional folklore of the peoples of the forest zone, where almost always there is a spirit of the forest — forest spirit. However, here the traditional science objects hominology: devil — rather, it is an intangible force, which takes one or another guise for a while, so "meeting with devilry" have an obvious shade of fabulousness and do on this basis, the conclusion about the identity of Kuomintang and devil just silly. After all, compared to an immaterial amount, the existence of which science is rejected, and a being of the material world. Otherwise hominology will either prove that the devil exists as a species, or should recognize the "Bigfoot" spirit, the fruit of boundless human imagination …

However, we do not knowingly reservation that academia is not put forward any theories as notorious Kuomintang until recently. Just a few months ago, there were reports that quite respectable Russian biologists have hypothesized about the origin of the modern "snow people." According to adventurous investigators, an unknown primate — feral moron or direct, but no less retarded offspring.

In history there have been several examples of mentally retarded people, leaving the human community, quickly lost all the skills of life in society and turned into a real "snow people." One of the main arguments of scientists just became a case with Turgenev. The fact is that at the end of the story writer Maupassant revealed a terrible secret "disgusting troglodyte." All the locals know the sad story of a local woman's Fool and willingly told her Turgenev after the event on the hunt. According to the farmers, when a woman is completely out of your mind, then ran off into the woods and quickly run wild, while maintaining remarkable physical abilities. It's the hapless writer met when swimming across the river.

In general, no evolution, continuous degradation of the members of the society to the level of a monkey …

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