Zombies continue to chew on people in America!

While under the influence of synthetic drugs 26 years Charles Baker broke into the house of his ex-girlfriend, where the fight began to gnaw a 48 year old man Zombie

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With wild cries, he tore off his clothes and began to destroy furniture. And when living in this house 48-year-old Jeffrey Blake tried to stop the crazed rioters who attacked and grabbed his arm. He then began furiously biting his shoulder and took a big piece of meat.

Despite the injury and bleeding, Blake managed to knock down "zombie" on the ground and hold him until the police arrive. When Baker led police, he frantically screamed and struggled and struggled to hold back. Only with the help of his stun gun failed to rein in, with Baker and police struggled to bite.

Once he was handcuffed, he was sent to prison Manatee County Jail and placed in a detention cell. For the incident and faces up to 60 days of arrest and a fine of $ 500.


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