After a near-death volgogradets became a healer




Vladimir Kravchenko — Here's a eye started to come to me from a coma.

In other worlds, easy and fun

Remember the Hollywood movie "Flatliners", where the heroine Julia Roberts with friends — medical students experienced the state of clinical death? In the movie, the young people in the next world meet people who once wronged.

Volgogradets Vladimir Kravchenko movie like this, but the impression of being in another world he has others.

— I saw my dear ones, which are associated with pleasant moments in life. Felt a surge of strength, drive! It seemed to rush on the night road, and meet — friends who give good advice, make comments. Here, you were wrong, and this situation may be more correct — recalls with pleasure Kravchenko.

The first unusual "travel" Vladimir G. made ten years ago. Then after a back injury, he spent a couple of hours in the intensive care unit in a coma. When he awoke, he felt a new strength.

— Take was: all sores have disappeared, section foreman at a construction site has become. And he understood that this is not casual — explains Kravchenko.

Vladimir began to see the faces of the saints, but most often at bedtime over it "freezes" a huge eye (usually it is people-watching X-rays and other contactees with otherworldly powers. — Ed.), Which is charged with energy and was just "guardian angel."

Something goes wrong at Kravchenko (in financial or family matters), "eye icon" rescues. The man was worried and on the advice of his wife and doctor consulted with medical luminaries. Recent decided, with the psyche okay, kind of hell.

Healing crystals have Kravchenko in his hands

Vladimir G. When my mother died — heart failed, and he went into the second "journey". Everything that happened to him in the afterlife, remembers perfectly.

— There was no one — with the son-in high school. We are in a city, people were walking through the streets dressed in white, including a sudden I saw the dead mother and father. Their faces were happy, so I calmed down. After that fell somewhere and came back to this world. Later I found out that my son at the time of my "blackout" fell asleep and saw the same "karinka"! — Said Kravchenko.

After that incident, the man opened the amazing abilities. He has learned to cope with the pain. Vladimir sufficient reason for the problem areas with his hands, like a sore backs. So, for example, he dealt with a stomach ulcer. The healing power in Kravchenko concentrated in his hands. By the way, our famous girl from the Volga-X Katja Cherkasova claims that treats people, thanks to an amazing crystal of which are in her hands.

A Kravchenko continued to drive: he opened his own construction company, felt fine. But soon he had to go to the next "journey."

Unicum of Volgograd astonished the metropolitan professors

Recently, 55-year-old Kravchenko returned from Moscow. There's Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery he underwent two complex operations. Removed a tumor that grew in my head uniques. Again everything went fine: an unforgettable experience during the "flight", and surprisingly quick recovery.

— Professor Kalinin gave me the operation, and when the morning came to the House, in surprise even sat down on the chair. I am happy, I go myself, I'm kidding. Well, brother says you give! Nicknamed me rarity of Volgograd! — Laughing Vladimir G. — And when I professor about his vision during clinical death, said that he has ceased to be surprised. He said that he was once a patient like me, which forces more than help — from Cheboksary. But advised not to tell anyone — do not understand supposedly laughed at. But it does it all! So I decided.

Now, Vladimir okay. Of course, to maintain health after major operations is expensive medications, but the "eye" is sometimes visited by Kravchenko and helps keep a tireless optimist.

Opinion "AGAINST"

Sergei Sukachyov, acting Head of the intensive care unit of Clinical Emergency Hospital number 25:
— In my many years of practice, patients who saw something, experienced during clinical death, was not. Do you know of colleagues too. Read books about it, but then not until you run into — do not believe it.

Opinion "FOR"

Anna Wysocka, psychic, clairvoyant:
— Vladimir Kravchenko — a man whose name is marked above. Not for nothing it has dropped so many trials in life. Usually after that people have an amazing ability to open. If he can now deal with his own pain, you may soon learn to treat diseases of other people. I am familiar with a man — a German, with a similar fate. After two "travel" to the underworld, he healed from a serious illness of relatives.

From the file "KP"

National Institute of Neurology conducted research, which involved nine major hospitals. It was found that of the 500 returnees from the world only one percent can clearly remember what I saw. Scientists believe that 30 percent of patients, describing the trip to other world — people with unstable mentality.

The famous American psychologist Raymond Moody, who has studied the phenomenon of near-death experiences found that the process of "feeling extracorporal existence" is characterized by the following steps: Stop all the physiological functions of the body; growing unpleasant noises, dying at high speed rushes through the tunnel, at the end of which is visible light, in front of These are scenes from the life he met deceased relatives and friends.

First, the dying man killed over the new structures of the brain, and then the old ones. The restoration of them is the opposite: a first come alive "ancient" parts of the cortex of the brain, then the new ones. So when a person comes back to life in its most persistent memory float "pictures".

By the way

Psychiatrist Patrick Dbavrii claims that an out of body experience symptoms of life can be in severe forms of migraine during yoga classes. The effect of "splitting" is observed for the climbers as they are high in the mountains and experience oxygen starvation, and the astronauts.

Inna FEDOTOVA February 25, 2005

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