Consciousness and the material is separated from the man

October 9, 2012 4:53

Consciousness and the material is separated from the manS. Sulakshina report at the seminar "The fundamental issues of complex social systems", held at the Center for Problem Analysis on "The modern concept of human consciousness."

Usually an idea of consciousness is to ensure that the mind — a property of highly organized matter reflect the world around us. Property to reflect. So meaning reflection, the reflection process. The process in general — this is a temporary configuration of a substance. But the essence of it, and there must be, to find ourselves. That something happens to her. But then, in the definition above is not about consciousness as an entity, as an awareness of the process. And consciousness — this is the "highly organized" matter. It was her property — reflect the world.
Where we came from, based on the generally accepted definition? Consciousness financially. It exists. The brain is not the same as consciousness. It is in itself, it is objectively and impartially. The closest thing here image field type. No bread, of course, and electromagnetic, for example. Just type only in the analogy, in the form of understanding, of course.

Look at Fig. 1. Here it is, this is the world, with the entities. Conditionally draw the reflection process, which occurs in certain substances, media, most often a person's brain.
The brain as a kind of a complicated structure, which studies the processes, structural constituent elements, relationships, physical, chemical, physiological, and other processes that seem to be and are a reflection of the same process and the same property of reflection.

Consciousness and the material is separated from the man

But there is a logical failure. If we're talking about a property, then the question is: whose property or property that? The question is: who or what shows? Re: consciousness — what is this? Property — it is only characteristic of something. But what? What is the "why" is like? Reflects something or someone. What is this "something" is or who this "someone"? Questions-these are not removed above the usual definition. We come to the question of logical steps that there is any specific objective, which is linked to this search with the category of consciousness. Is there enough objectivity of the brain as a complex system, in which a certain number of neurons counted, relationships, processes, and so on?

Of course, I see it as a mechanistic, materialistic approach to the trivial category of consciousness. If it is, if you can count a countable number of neurons, connections, and so on, then one day they can be simulated artificially manufactured. Now many of the technical equivalents already exist — antenna, receiver, amplifier, decoder, phasing device, the reflection in the form of audio (radio), as reflected in the image of the picture on the TV screen. Radio wave as something (again, something, some object) hits the antenna, then reveals itself to us as information as we learn it is a device that allows you to fix something.
There is the view that consciousness as desired objectivity is separated from the material structure of the brain.

What makes make this assumption? Logic. If consciousness — a property of highly organized matter reflect the world, the sunflower also reflects the world. And very "smart." He receives information (light), he responds, commits acts that are useful for their own existence. Grasshopper, monkey — also reflect the world … But do we relate to them ideas about categories of consciousness? If a case, then only one case: it is possible to imagine a connection between the combined entity and "instrument" that visualizes the process and its results, in the form of a channel with a certain capacity. Channel capacity and suggest that the manifestation of this kind of consciousness-reflection in nature, but as embodied in the case of a man and his brain — this is the way to the notion that there is a consciousness.

But if we look at a newborn child or even more embryonic germ formed, we will find many circumstances which indicate that the mind in such a conventional, traditional sense of the child does not occur immediately. According to my observations quadruple (I have four children) — this time for two months. And why not? Because the "device" perceiver develops and grows. There are obviously some kind of face on which there is a threshold of the instrument necessary for the "birth" of consciousness. Birth in the sense of, detection itself. Only the channel, but it becomes so capacious that we can fix what we call consciousness. Thus, the logical assumption is that the mind is separated from the brain. Of course, there is a philosophical challenge to the materiality of the desired categorical something.
Just ask: Does the material consciousness in its object? Not much going into the details of this branch, I note that the material is not only "given to us by the senses" — is limited and, in general, a wrong notion. Financially everything, whether in time, we were able to feel it.
Material world exists, of course, outside of the perceived (or are not accepted) by us.
There is another challenge. If individuals are unique, and the consciousness of each of them is an attribute of brain development, and vice versa, it (the mind) disappears when the brain is damaged, and the man turns into a "vegetable", the assumption that the mind is separate from the brain, causes say that it is not just in its multiplicity, but in unity. Excellent illustration of this idea, I did not come up (Figure 2). She traced in a number of ancient Christian churches, the religious theological literature.

Consciousness and the material is separated from the man

It is called the Holy Spirit, it is called a soul or something else — as long as it is not so important. More importantly — the very topological or, more precisely, the logic circuit, which is something that distinguishes man from other creatures, one and the same time have got to multiply as different people because of the presence of varying channel capacity. This is including suggest (and this is my logical reasoning) that the flower, called a sunflower, or a great grasshopper or monkey are also part of this exciting picture. Of course, it's like a fantasy, I know. But let us turn to some important empirical reasons. Seven.

Consciousness and the material is separated from the man
First. There are a number of experiments that are unstable, but, nevertheless, with a probability greater than chance, which demonstrate the existence (in the picture I would draw an arc) relatedness of individual consciousness with each other, that is, their unity in multiplicity. There are a number of experiments on telepathy.
Second — the phenomenon of intuition. Many people know — thinkers talked about this — that there is a kind of thinking, or the Incarnation, the manifestation of consciousness in the form of logical and abstract thinking, but thinking is intuitive. This is when something is born as a new way of consciousness, as new information emerged from nowhere, and while it does not follow from the previous, already available information. Where did it suddenly come from? If so logically penetrate, then creativity is the evidence in favor of such a scheme.

This, of course, not even a causal, and while schematic premise is that recorded in religion, and we have the right to believe or not to believe, while science has not been this robust empirical and theoretical concepts.
The point is that the top is the center of an amazing cloud of omniscience. Knowing, the omnipresence of omnipresence.

Of course, the validity of the assumption that religious knowledge is knowledge noisy — allegory, mythology, rewriting, distortions, but, nevertheless, possible that carries a certain important elements of truth. Where they came from — is another matter. It is unclear, but nothing prevents it clear in the future.
The third empirical fact — the so-called collective intelligence. Network expert institutions are now used in science almost normally. Our Center has created a community. The experiments conducted and published results show that the cognitive capacity network of experts, independent of each other (this condition), more than the capacity of each of them individually. In America, a special institution of collective intelligence, which not only provides world application, but also trying — however, as we do — to prove, to feel, to understand the properties of this as a hypothetical, paintings. Carried out, and quite clearly the result of the study on "Global consciousness." This is a completely scientific results.
Fourth. After the shock of force majeure on the person (such as a lightning strike or clinical death) in his mind suddenly appear knowledge of ancient languages, extinct languages People (the xenoglossy). "Among the various latent faculties of the human mind one of the most mysterious is xenoglossy — a phenomenon in which people suddenly and without apparent reason, being in the mind or in a trance, start speaking in foreign languages and dialects, which they never knew.
Psychiatrists involved in schizophrenics, explain that the patient human mind is capable of creating a number of alternative personalities, so that one body would co-exist as multiple personalities, completely different from each other. But it is difficult to explain the origin of the knowledge of the language, to the unknown man. Moreover, already disappeared. After all, learning a foreign language implies a great work: memorizing words, practice, practicing grammar and syntax rules which are not similar to the ones we used to use in their own language. When it comes to language, which fell out of use now 100
or even 1,000 years, to find a reasonable explanation even more difficult.
Perhaps the most stunning example of this century xenoglossy associated with the English girl from Blackpool, which in 1931 began to realize himself Telecom Ventui, Babylonian woman who lived during the reign of the XVIII dynasty in ancient Egypt — around 1400 BC. e. A child who is in the files of the British Society of psychological research have given the alias Rosemary, had the ability to be able to speak in a strange trance ancient dialect. In this regard, it was examined by a psychiatrist Frederick Wood, who wrote a few words and sent them Egyptologist Howard Halm. To the surprise of Frederick Wood, Egyptologist concluded that this girl is not gibberish: phrases recorded psychiatrist, exhibit a high degree of literacy and contain many archaic, ancient terms, idioms and phrases specific to the speech of Egyptians Christian era. "Obviously, he claimed — that the mind controls the Rosemary has a great understanding of the language and customs of ancient Egypt when Pharaoh Amenhotep III".
To better understand this mystery, Hulme came to Blackpool to meet myself "Telecom Ventui." He prepared a list of twelve questions on a tiny features of life of the Babylonians, and get them accurate answers, although this information, except it were known only a dozen historians worldwide. In his presence, a little girl who lives in the north of England, speak the dialect, which is several hundred years old could be heard only in academic circles. For half an hour the girl wrote 66 correct sentences characters. By the end of their studies Hulme was convinced that actually heard the voice of the past. "(Quote from: Frederic H. Wood — Egyptian Miracle). Where did the information and knowledge? And must answer this question.
Fifth. Mother and Child. There is ample evidence that there is a connection — information communication between mother and child, who feels their child, and in the distance, and behind the walls, and even at a distance of thousands of miles.
Sixth. Predictions and timeless knowledge, insight. Empiricist that each of us has in his life, if only sensitive to certain points. Here is an example from my own experience. Go something along the wall a meter away from her. Old building. Look — flaking plaster. I visited a very distinct idea: it would be necessary to take a step to the side, and now the piece of plaster falls and knocks on the head. Believe it or not, but just half a second later, a piece of plaster falls on my head. To suggest that this is a coincidence, not some vnevremennoe bringing knowledge — is difficult. While it is very difficult to prove the opposite.
And finally, the seventh — the main thing. This is known as dowsing or dowsing. I myself, as a man no stranger to physics, as well as the construction of their own hands, I can give amazing feeling and experimental FACTS, which are as follows.
Already five thousand years ago, a person walking on the surface of the Earth, wielding two metal frames, up to a few centimeters on the surface of the Earth reveals the border projection water deposit at depths of tens of meters, the most suitable for digging a well. No explanation based on physical phenomena — for example, the conductivity path that closes on the frame, or some other — not found. Frames can be dielectric. Checked. Considerations that we have some special humidity — is not working, because the boundary is defined by sharp.
Works (experimentally proved, and in our work is shown), the only consistent explanation that something, someone, somewhere, somehow, kindly disposed to the man tells him that information. Man discovered this phenomenon when he five thousand years ago in the Middle East looking for water with a rod, a frame-twigs. It was really a twig. Someone thinks that it should be moist, conductive, but nothing like this — dielectrics are working. That's what a good cause people received information from somewhere. And this information can be communicated not only to deposit water. Information comes either, except that which is "evil."
I understand that this is surprising, but this is my problem lies. Facts presented dowsing shows that a person comes to information of any kind. You may not believe me, but I show a bitmap (100 £ 100 cells) photos very famous historical figures, which is obtained by the method of dowsing. This person 2,000 years, and the presence of her lifetime imaging is unknown. This is not fantasy — receiving digital information in a time machine that took place, for example, a year before the birth of Christ, or the year before his crucifixion. Information obtained in person, but from the outside. That is the fact.
These exciting experimental evidence supports the fact that there is something that bringing a person form of consciousness on the basis of the hypothesis of the separation of consciousness from the physiological material system, called the brain.

What this implies the logical consequences? If consciousness is inseparable from the brain, the human essence conscious — it is a single, individuumnost, individualism, and, well, our "favorite" liberalism, as well as racism, fascism, etc. If the mind is separated and it is one of multiplicity, then all contrary. This teamwork, cooperative, social person, plurality in unity. It's a different picture of the social and other offerings to the device of a complex social system. Clearly, if the painted picture — an objective picture, the prospects for humanity is not about individualism and liberalism, as we believe that there is a real practice, but quite the opposite to the desired characteristics of the social organism and the corresponding construction.
And the last point. Presentation — a hypothesis, as you know. Because scientific evidence of fixation of such phenomenological unstable, poorly repeatable, very difficult fix an. But it's not disprove or destroy the hypothesis, because each of us knows that, for example, something called "dark matter" is fixed with the same difficulty, if one can speak of such a fixation, but this hypothesis and the theory develops. She can explain the experimental data, even if not fully, if not removing all the contradictions, but nothing prevents the existence of this hypothesis.

SS Sulakshin, Doctor of Science, Doctor of Political Sciences, General Director of the Center for Problem Analysis

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