Consortium ATGroup offers ready solutions for the federal program ERA-GLONASS


Consortium ATGroup (together companies "Arkan" and "Tetrasvyaz") took part in the International Congress "ERA-GLONASS. Navigation and information technology to improve the safety and comfort on the road, "organized by the federal network operator "NIS GLONASS". The event gathered more than 400 participants discussed urgent issues of the current state and prospects of development of emergency response in case of accidents in Russia, foreign experience in building such systems, legal aspects and technical requirements for navigation and communication devices.

As part of the program "ERA-GLONASS" ATGroup consortium offers turnkey solutions — integrated systems based on vehicle safety GLONASS, that enable real-time to determine the location and condition of the vehicle and broadcast the information to ensure response "ERA-GLONASS". The proposed solutions have advanced features in terms of providing security and search and navigation and information services, which significantly increases the safety and comfort on the road and motivates the driver to drive safely. A set of specialized sensors can monitor the set parameters of the car, which leads to an improvement of the ecological situation in the city.

The consortium has extensive experience in the provision of telematics services to the public, commercial users and government agencies. Centralized monitoring of all protected objects is carried out from a single federal monitoring center, providing coverage of the alarming signals to the first responders. The advantage of the consortium in the security market is the transfer of information on dedicated secure communication channels, which guarantees delivery of an alarm signal to the control center. All solutions are ATGroup relevant patents, certificates and licenses to provide services in the territory of the Russian Federation.

First International Congress on the implementation of the "ERA-GLONASS", aroused great interest on the part of the professional community and members of the press and became an effective platform for the exchange of relevant information, business contacts, learn from best practices and practical application of navigation technology.

ATGroup consortium holds a leading position in the market of complex safety and professional communications and provides a wide range of facilities and services, the largest state, industry and commercial organizations, as well as private customers. Area professional presence ATGroup covers 40 regions, more than 100 cities in Russia. ATGroup formed in 2007 through the merger of information, technological, and economic resources of several companies. The main strategic units of the consortium are of "Arkan" and "Tetrasvyaz."

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