EU: dark cloud around the sun is an optical illusion




Scientists at the University of Warwick managed to unravel the mystery of the dark "cloud" around the sun. Studies have been conducted by Valery Nakaryakovym (Valery Nakariako) and Fervihte Erwin (Erwin Verwichte), which in the course of their work used data delivered space mission TRACE (Transition Region And Coronal Explorer), curb NASA.

After thorough analysis, researchers noted that the dark "clouds" that envelop the Sun, are no more than a visual deception. Previously, researchers have found that such phenomena are formed by periodically occurring on the sun blasts. Remained a mystery that defied explanation, why these huge "cloud" move against the "flow", which is formed as a result of explosions. Now, however, researchers have suggested that these dark "clouds" are formed as a result of the so-called "separation of negative energy," which the absorption and promotes their growth. Therefore, it was concluded that the material basis of such phenomena in themselves are not carried and optical illusion.

Battery News, 24.02.2005 19:44

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