Jesus — The true story watch online

Jesus - The true story watch online
The new data help to fill the gaps in the life of Jesus Christ and tell us about the troubled times in which he lived. His decision had fatal consequences. His words and deeds bolshennye rocked the crowds of people who have seen it long ago anticipated rescuer. But they also led him straight road to death. With the help of professionals in archeology and history of the Holy Land, this documentary film tries to answer the question: who is this actually was man? Layer by layer, penetrating through the layers of stories that cover every inch of the biblical sites, we shall see Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth in the eyes of Jesus Christ.

Part 1. Of early years
Full history life Jesus Christ of the Gospels known — his mysterious birth, majestic calling and actions that led to his death. But the Gospels were written by early Christians — a minimum of 40 years after death Jesus and because they can be considered as historical documents. Recent achievements in science, natural history and archeology allows us to establish with greater certainty what happened in reality.

Part 2. Mission
At the age of 30 years, with a small Jesus Christ was baptized by John. This conventional ceremony may have assured him that he is the Messiah that dolgozhdannny. Now he became a man who has a calling. Calling, enjoy great popularity among ordinary people. All that Jesus did Christ until now — healing, parables, provocative arrival in Jerusalem, has added to his popularity. And that led to more and more obvious poruhi. The confrontation with the temple priests prevailed. The investigation of the collision and will determine the end of its mission.

Part 3. The last days
Crucifix Jesus Christ — established fact in history. It is not only superfluous more than 80 times in the Bible, but also recorded the first century historian Josephus. But the actions of Jesus Christ in the last days before his death as ever represent a puzzle. He had a lot of abilities to avoid the penalty, but he did not use them. Why? Up until now, scientists are trying to find an answer to this question.

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