Lego toy story

Lego toy storyExciting stories and adventures that are full kits allow kids to enjoy the new game. Playing many scenes with favorite characters, you can play a long time. So parents can safely go about their business, not worrying about what people are doing their child.Lego toy story — A collection, which includes kits for young children. Baby room, was presented with Lego this collection, filled with magical characters in the animated film "Toy Story." The creators know exactly what you can please children once again. This series sets, like all others, is designed to encourage creativity in children and a certain mindset. It is for this reason, parents of the same great pleasure to buy this designer as to lead bubble show.

Sheriff Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Zurg, surveyor, Jessie and her charming horse Bulls represented in 14 sets, with many of the brightest parts.

Lego toy story — This is one of the few collections, which included sets for children of different ages. For the youngest age group, children aged 2 to 5 years, has created a set in which the hero must be collected from large and colorful details. This sets "Gather Zurg" and "Collect Database." For the older sets are presented with a lot of scenery and small parts that require long-term and build a good visual memory. Having multiple sets of the collection, you can come up with new stories for favorite characters. In addition, it is possible to build all-new heroes who have magical abilities. This is due to the fixation of the parts have the same. You can create a super hero, has the ability and Zurg Base. In addition, you can create goodies with abilities negative and vice versa. It all depends on the number of players and the fantasy is not only the child, but his parents, because often Lego sets are fun not only for children but also their parents.

Especially popular among children sets the main characters cartoon "Toy Story 3." It is interesting to such collections as "Jesse returns from work," "Escape to a garbage truck," "Escape from musorouplotnitelya" and "Dump Lots has." Heroes will find a lot of adventures and new, interesting stories, invented by children.

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