Levinau human rights activist suspected of committing a terrorist act

The minutes of the detention of human rights activist, member of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Levinau Paul stated that he is suspected of committing a terrorist attack on April 11 Metro October.

The police report is made "by direct suspicion of committing a crime." It was signed by a senior operative of the Frunze district of Minsk ZHIGALOV.

This is Radio Freedom chairman of BHC Hulak. Commenting on the arrest, Mr. Hulak said:

"It appears that we have not uncovered a terrorist attack. That's all we cheated. This is complete nonsense and absurdity, or else I can not name it. "

Now the defender can keep the department up to ten days.

Olga Karach, Oleg Borshevsky and Paul Stanevsky detained on administrative paper for hooliganism.

19 April 18 activists who came to congratulate Valery Shchukin With the recent Happy Birthday, were taken from an apartment on the street Shchukin daughter of Daniel Serdich Frunze district police in the capital. They were forced to be fingerprinted, photographed in full face and profile, took the explanation. Part released.

The detention report Paul Levinau.


harassment, explosion

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