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Not long ago, a number of well-known publications in the West published materials curious debate that raged among scientists — historians, geographers and geologists — about the reality of the existence of a mysterious civilization. "The essence of the debate — says geologist from the United States, Wolfgang Pauli — was that there was or not in ancient times on Earth south of the equator, in the archipelago of grace" paradise islands "or some kind of separate mysterious island pratsivilizatsiya Taprobana. According to their descriptions of what she something very similar to the legendary, but so far not found Atlantis, described the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. "

Fertile islands

As has long been considered to be, the Greeks had heard legends and stories about Atlantis from the Egyptian priests. Diverse knowledge of this closed caste can capture the imagination of even a well-educated man of the third millennium.

Ancient Egyptian priests organized and sent to various research expeditions, had considerable knowledge of astronomy, medicine, psychology, physics and chemistry. They knew mining and mining, metallurgy, were able to receive electricity, owned hypnosis and are well versed in the occult sciences. They were expert in magic, astrology, palmistry, were able to predict the future and to control the crowd. long before the XX century in hard rock Egyptian priests used the specific, highly influencing the crowd of worshipers, rhythms. They knew that the sound acts directly on certain parts of the brain of people. Many Western scholars who study the relation of pre-Columbian civilizations of ancient Egypt and America, knowingly point to their community, including an inexplicable faith in the cyclical nature of a civilization on the planet. Indian priests clearly calculated that it only cycles on the known parameters and were convinced that on this planet there are three or four dead civilization. It is quite possible, similar calculations were carried out and on the banks of the Nile, but, regrettably, they did not reach us.

In this context, the story of the priests of Atlantis Plato did not cause any doubt: in the time of Plato, after thousands of years of prosperity, has been dedicated to the Egyptian especially nobody transmit secret knowledge. And they have come to a conclusion about the need to share some of them even with strangers, in the hope that this information will reach future generations. This is a very important and extremely interesting point! It is therefore particularly note that the source of information about pratsivilizatsii arising on Taprobane, it became the priests of ancient Egypt. According to some Western scholars, no less than the legendary and mysterious than the famed Atlantis, the so-called Taproban located south of the modern island of Sri Lanka. It is suggested that the island itself is quite possibly the oldest is the northern part of the archipelago. But just as long as it has not been established.

Some fragmentary information about Taprobane historians have found in ancient Tibetan and Egyptian texts. Apparently, pratsivilizatsiya island or archipelago Taprobana was at a very high level of technical and intellectual development and is far ahead of the rest of humanity, which has only just learned to walk upright and to use the stick as a weapon and instrument of labor. Based on information from ancient sources, Taprobane flourished mathematics, astronomy and navigation. Of course, it is well developed seafaring. Had on the island and highly productive agriculture, industry and strong enough. What happened to the mysterious Taprobane? Could it suffered the fate of this land descended to the ocean floor of Atlantis?

Yes, according to scientists, that's how it happened in ancient times. Only it was not an earthquake. The once had a giant cataclysm of global scale, which led to a global division of the world, what has happened already in the memory of mankind. This event was a worthy reflection of the epic and other cultural monuments.

The continent of Pangaea

According to the ideas of modern science, 250 million years ago our planet there was a single huge continent called Pangaea. After 50 million years pramaterik split into two: Laurasia and Gondwana. A little later, of course, for purely geological concepts that operates periods of millions of years, Laurasia and Gondwana split into Eurasia, coupled with North America, and Africa, coupled with South America. Gondwana is allowed to break away from him two huge geological shields, later became modern Australia and Antarctica. What kind of cataclysm in ancient times? Some scientists believe that it caused the movement of underground magma flows that Pangaea broke into two. Others tend to believe that such a cataclysm was a collision of our planet with a huge comet!

"Reconstruct the past, researchers say — says a British expert on pratsivilizatsy Milton Rothman — Taprobana that residents were aware of the impending disaster. They just found a planet approaching a fateful guest from outer space. Undoubtedly, scientists Taprobana have sufficient knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and geology to understand : their civilization awaits imminent and terrible death. impending catastrophe simply defy description, and the same great scientists could predict its consequences — the death of a large part of the biosphere and humanity survived dropping almost to the starting point in the development of civilization. Taproban For it was at that time the only cultural center of the planet … "

Here it is necessary to clarify that we are talking about events that are separated from our time at least dozens, if not hundreds of millions of years. Many archaeological and paleontological finds forced scientists to reconsider their views on the age of mankind. During the XIX-XX centuries. was made many discoveries that have dubbed the NIO (fossil unidentified objects). All of them are clearly artificial origin and age of the oldest is 250 million years old. Perhaps in that distant era and has its origins story Taprobana or some other, more ancient civilization, which was the successor Taproban.

The Great Flood

We now turn our attention to the following fact: almost without exception in all the ancient traditions of different peoples that inhabit our planet — from the islands of Japan and the jungle of India to the hot deserts of Arabia, mountains and prairies of America — certainly there are stories about what happened in ancient times, the great flood. Geophysicist from the U.S. Dr. Randy James'm sure that epochal cataclysm occurred long before the writing of the Old Testament and other ancient annals of human civilization. This is just an echo of the ancient stories of the people, the memory of which has retained not only cast the Egyptian priests. R.Dzheyms writes: "Imagine the shores of an unknown land sail tens and even hundreds of Noah's Ark, rushing in all directions. Swam People of the same people, never to meet, and if they meet, then through the ages …" Fine! So, there is no doubt that the Sumerian, Babylonian, Indian, and other written and oral historical monuments, epics of almost all ancient cultures brought us invaluable information about really happened in the memory of the ancient humanity universal cataclysm. And the only significant amendment to this story is the time of the disaster — it is not tens of thousands of years and hundreds of millions of …

Whence came the gods?

But that's not all! Previously, many researchers, enthusiastic constant search for evidence of actual flooding of vast areas in ancient times, completely oblivious to the other, it is extremely interesting information contained in the same Sumerian, Babylonian, Indian and other ancient Egyptian monuments. And all of them were very clearly written after the flood from the south to the people mired in appalling ignorance, good gods came and brought the light of knowledge and craft! They taught the people speaking, writing, principles of astronomy, many crafts and even different arts. And here we find the same motive: all the monuments in question about gods who came from the south. And most importantly, according to archeology, crafts, finding quite advanced knowledge in various fields of science occurred on different continents, in different places around the same time. But then different people have found their own way. What is it — the gods have given them the freedom to develop without making its own path to follow, or … the gods were mortal, and people in the future have to rely solely on themselves?

Many historians, in particular Clyde Cohen of the United States, it is believed that the role of the good gods carefully in advance to warn people about the coming flood, and brought them after the terrible cataclysm necessary knowledge, were representatives of an advanced civilization Taprobana, managed to survive the crash. Indeed, always argues that the gods came from the south, from the ocean, just there, where once stood the Taproban.

By the way, a number of prominent scientists believe that it is with the appearance on the banks of the Nile immigrants from Taprobana (instead of Atlantis, according to others) begins a rapid, similar to the meteoric rise, the development of ancient Egypt. In a remarkably short time by historical standards, Egypt, as if by magic, transformed from a poor tribal society with a miserable thatched huts and primitive knowledge of a powerful state with a huge stone palaces, to the thrones of the Pharaohs, the pyramids, a formidable army, the script, officials developed crafts and the arts. And that is very important — a caste favorite — the priests have many secret knowledge, which has already been mentioned above. They later taught his people to many sciences, which are not possible without the construction, travel, administration of the state and the army. In ancient Egypt, there were already many signs of modern states: its police, customs, clear system of tax collection, a set of laws, the judiciary, the penal system, and similar state attributes.

Apparently, all natives of the lost homeland Taprobana found in ancient Egypt is the best reception and the most exemplary and diligent students who were trying to learn from their teachers all that is possible. Is not it — the legend of the mysterious death of pratsivilizatsii Taprobana striking resemblance to the famous legend of Atlantis? I do not whether its version heard in demand from smart Egyptian priests inquisitive Greeks?

It is possible Taproban and Atlantis, fanned by many legends and stories — are one and the same. Then look for traces pratsivilizatsii should not in the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean, somewhere in the unknown depths of the sea, south of the modern island of Sri Lanka?

And obviously, for a long time have to deal with the chronology. It is clear that if push Taprobana history of 200 million years ago, you have to admit that the memory of the peoples of the Great Flood and Noah's Ark may not be relevant to taprobantsam. Can the remains of this people and to share their knowledge barbarous nations, who later became the teachers of our civilization. Over millions of years, the memory of this people would be erased. Richard DeWitt, esoteric researcher from the Netherlands, I am convinced that we should talk about the chain of civilizations, wiped out by natural disasters, comet shells of

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